Ultipro: Is it Worth it? [Employer Review]

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Ultipro: Is it Worth it? [Employer Review]

If you’re looking for a software solution to help you manage the department in a practical way, UltiPro’s platform might be a good option.


UltiPro is a product developed by Ultimate Software that helps Human Resources leaders complete their everyday tasks in an efficient way.

This software solution combines several aspects of HR – such as payroll, talent management, and onboarding experience – into one platform. Unlike many other human resources information systems, UltiPro offers cloud-based solutions that deliver many business benefits for your .

UltiPro Functionalities

UltiPro offers employers an extensive array of functionalities that concern both the human resources departments and the employees. Let’s take a look at what Ultimate Software’s UltiPro has to offer:

1. Human Resources Functionalities

UltiPro’s software can connect employees with the resources and information they need to complete their tasks in an easier and practical manner. This software solution offers characteristics that can help increase productivity, cooperation, and employee engagement in the organization.

2. Global HCM Features

This software specializes in providing all the strategic HR functionalities that HR managers require all in a single global system of record. In addition, you can keep track of all the human capital management information of your staff, such as employment history, personal information, benefits, performance records, and more.

hcm ultipro

Some of the features are:

  • Track and manage necessary information for all staff, regardless of their locations, in a single global HCM solution.
  • Get an insight into the entire employee population.
  • Leverage a secure, bidirectional integration with any other global payroll provider.
  • Ensure you comply with privacy practices worldwide.
  • Manage employee data for over 65 countries.

3. Payroll Management

UltiPro offers an award-winning flexible and practical payroll engine. This engine is capable of handling highly complex payroll computations and employee requirements in the United States and Canada.

4. Employee Benefits Management

UltiPro helps the department set up and manage employee benefits in a simple and efficient manner. Moreover, the software provides a user-friendly benefit enrollment dashboard for workers to stay informed about their benefits.

Some of the features that UltiPro’s benefits management provides include:

  • User-friendly setup of enrollment sessions.
  • Customizable content and messages for employees
  • Possibility to create rules for employer-matched computations
  • Duplicate rules, data entry, and reconciliation reporting elimination.

5. UltiPro Benefits Prime Experience

The platform offers your employees the tools to make responsible business decisions through its intuitive benefits shopping experience. Some of the features include:

  • UltiPro configuration with advanced rules and calculations to meet your ‘s unique needs.
  • Information your employees need to make better benefits choices, including decision-support tools.
  • A personalized dashboard that offers solid reporting capabilities.
  • Automated processes plus billing-reconciliation tools.
  • Information about enrollment progress with communication tools.

6. Recruiting Features

UltiPro Recruiting features can help you broaden your recruiting processes by improving candidates’ engagement and interactions.

Ultipro’s recruiting platform offers the following features:

  • Engaging and personalized candidates’ experiences.
  • Functionalities that ensure you comply with non-discrimination laws.
  • Assessment of employees’ skills, experience, and qualities.

7. Onboarding Experience

The software’s onboarding system helps your new team members connect to your organization in a personal way. Also, it enables your staff to build work relationships, which increases overall employee engagement and productivity.

8. Employee File Management Feature

UltiPro’s platform helps the department to better manage employee documents in order to improve security, productivity, and compliance. This feature gives teams the possibility to easily access, share, create, or delete documents.

9. Performance Management Functionality

With this Ultipro feature, performance management will become easier thanks to its configurable solution. This platform will allow you to evaluate performance and collect feedback on a regular basis to make sure you are getting the best results out of your staff.

10. Succession Management Platform

This feature allows you to create an action plan in order to provide your employees with professional growth and career advancement.
With the Succession Management platform, you can:
  • Track and compare individuals successors for specific roles.
  • Assess success factors such as performance and leadership qualities.
  • Help employees grow professionally with personal development programs.
  • Improve employees’ success and retention with a library of possible activities to help increase engagement levels.

11. Career Development Tools

With UltiPro, you can equip your with tools that make career development and professional growth tangible. In addition, you can manage and offer professional development opportunities for all your staff.

12. Compensation Management Platform

This platform provides with an efficient process for giving rewards and recognition to your staff. It can also be used to manage and organize employee appreciation ideas to improve employees’ engagement and satisfaction.

13. Learning Area

No matter what position employees have in the organization, they need to keep learning new skills to grow professionally.


UltiPro offers a learning solution designed to provide employees with social collaborative tools, on-demand content, and mobile access.

14. Workforce Management Functionality

This functionality helps employees perform tasks in an easy and efficient way. Moreover, this solution helps improve compliance with its intuitive design.

15. Touchscreen Time Clock Tool

UltiPro TouchBase is a user-friendly time clock, data collection system, and employee self- gadget. Not only is it the point-of-time entry, but also it provides hourly-paid staff with kiosk-based access to information from a touchscreen device.

This device helps to make employees experience simpler and more engaging.

16. Employees Survey and Data Analysis Functionality

With UltiPro’s survey functionality, you can get insights into your employees’ experience.


By using the survey tools, you will get a better grasp of employees’ perceptions regarding the organization’s practices, how they feel being a part of the team, and suggestions for improvements.

17. Business Intelligence Features

You can gain a new perspective of your workforce with UltiPro’s business intelligence tools. UltiPro lets you pull data across all areas of your people management department to capture key metrics in an instant, which allows you to put your people first.

18. Predictive Analytics Tools

UltiPro’s platform offers you an array of predictive analytics tools that will help you identify your organization’s highest performers. These tools can have a positive impact on employee retention, helping to keep low employee turnover rates in your .

19. AI and Machine Learning Characteristics

UltiPro uses artificial intelligence to improve functionalities such as HCM data understanding, prediction, and suggestions of personalized actions. This feature can help your organization understand employees in a better way.

20. UltiPro Connect Marketplace

Although this is not a functionality per se, UltiPro offers a marketplace so users can choose apps and partners to improve the customer experience.

In this marketplace, you can browse among almost one hundred partners apps and services, filter the results you need, and submit an online request.

One of the service partners you can find is FutureFuel, which is a platform employers can use to offer their employees benefits regarding their student debt.

With this partnership, you can:

  • Differentiate and expand your health and offerings.
  • Improve employee engagement and loyalty among your staff.
  • Make sure payments are made correctly every time.
  • Offer workers a convenient, mobile-first experience.
  • Stay informed — in real-time– of all payment activity via dashboards and analytics.

What Are the Pros of Using UltiPro’s Platform?

UltiPro is a software solution that offers specific features for better management of . That said, the software is not free from features that can be improved or changed. Let’s take a look at some of the pros of this HRIS:


1. The Platform’s Configuration

This UltiPro feature allows administrators to create an almost unlimited of custom fields. These can be dates, numbers, or data fields. Moreover, it gives users the possibility to customize pages and move, hide or enable fields.

2. The Platform’s Business Intelligence

An outstanding part of UltiPro’s business intelligence lies in its reporting tool. By using this tool, users can report on any field and schedule reports for recipients to get the information they need at any time.

Moreover, UltiPro’s business intelligence also offers another tool called bursting. With this tool, emails are sent automatically when a new event is happening. For instance, when a new employee’s information is uploaded, the bursting tool sends an email to the employee with his login information automatically.

3. UltiPro’s Compatibility and Settings

UltiPro supports devices such as Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Also, it’s deployment is cloud-hosted and it is suitable for small, -sized, and large companies as well.

Is UltiPro the Software Solution You Need in Your Organization?

UltiPro is a widely recognized software solution that has a rating of 9 out of 10 stars in many popular review sites. Moreover, it is voted as an excellent system by many customers.

This software is well-suited for all types of companies that require an HRIS. It gets the job done with high levels of efficiency. In addition, it’s user-friendly platform makes it the perfect solution for busy HR departments that need to manage employees’ information quickly.

If you wish to know more about UltiPro, you can register on their platform to get a free demo so you get a glimpse of how the software works. You just have to provide basic information such as your email, location, your ‘s of employees, and a date.

Ultipro is a complete HRIS that will make any HR department’s job as it facilitates the management of employees, metrics, analytics, and more.

You have nothing to lose by using their trial plan. I recommend going for it, and making an evaluation of ROI. Then, choosing whether to buy it or not will be easier.

Good Luck!