Target Red Card Review: Should You Sign Up?

Target Red Card Review: Should You Sign Up?

Many stores have been taking advantage of loyalty programs to make customers visit their stores more often. Target Red Card is one of the ways that the giant department store found to incentivize loyalty. But, is it advantageous for you, as a customer?

FutureFuel’s review will look at what the Target card offers, the discounts you might receive, and what are the cards’ interest rates. Let’s dive into the Target red card review:

Target Overview 

As the eighth largest retailer in the USA, Target has built a strong reputation with consumers for their reasonable prices and diverse selection of goods on sale. The first Target store was opened in 1962, but the company’s history started long before that — in 1903, when they operated under a different name.

Overall, the company is loved by its customers, which results in many positive reviews. Consumer Affairs rates Target as 4.1 stars score, based on 5,111 ratings. In terms of pricing, Target positions its products at a cheaper price, often competing with Walmart and Amazon to deliver the best deals. 

Target Credit Card Basics 

The Target Red Card allows regular customers to benefit from special discounts. If you’re a regular Target customer you can apply for a card online.

Once Target reviews your profile and gives you a credit card, you can purchase items online or at a physical location. Target uses your purchase history to send you exclusive offers for things that might interest you. This unique aspect of the card means regular shoppers can benefit from a personalized approach. 

The Application Process

There are two ways to apply for the Target Red Card: online or by mail. Applying online tends to be quicker — many people receive an immediate decision. If your background and credit history requires an in-depth search, the decision could take between 7-10 days. 

Your credit history is the most important thing to consider when applying for a red card. If you have a score of 615 or higher, then you’ll have no problem passing the checks. Keep in mind you must be 18 years old and have a US address to receive the credit card. 

Target Red Card Rewards

Target’s credit card offers customers many features and rewards. These include: 

  • 5% discount on each purchase 
  • Free two-day shipping 
  • RedCard special offers 
  • Extra 30 days for returns 

Let’s look at them in more detail:

5% Discount 

Every customer that has a Red Card receives a 5% discount on most purchases online and in-store. Some of the items that are exempt from the offer include: 

  • Target Optical products and eye exams 
  • Medication and OTC products 
  • Restaurant merchants including Pret a Manger, Italian Kitchen & D’Amico & Sons
  • Shipping fee and gift-wrapping charges
  • Target credit account payments 
  • Alcohol purchases in Indiana stores
  • Shipt membership costs 

Coffee lovers can take advantage of the 5% discount at every Starbucks located inside a Target store. Customers can also benefit from stacking their discounts to save more money. 

Free Two-Day Shipping 

Non-card holders get free two-day shipping for every purchase that costs $35 or more. However, cardholders don’t have any limitations and can take advantage of speedy delivery on all purchases. 

RedCard Special Offers 

Holding a Target Credit Card means you get access to exclusive offers throughout the year. There are many deals available, including discounts, gifts, and information about new products. The offers you receive depend on your location, and not all deals are available to every cardholder. 

Extra 30 Days for Returns 

As with most stores, Target has a 90-day return policy for all customers. However,  if you have a Red Card, you can get an extra 30 days to return your items. Note that they don’t offer extended returns for optical goods. 

How Do Target RedCard Rewards Work?

If a department store wants to encourage people to apply for their credit card, they must have a fabulous rewards scheme. Target stands up against the competition with the number of rewards they offer and how easy it is to receive them. 

Cartwheel discounts are available for cardholders and offer some huge savings. The offer runs throughout the year and extends offers for a limited amount of time. These offers include savings of up to 50% on purchases for eligible items. 

Automatic Points 

In general, when credit card points are earned on these department stores, it takes up to weeks until companies apply them to the customer’s account. Target automatically adds the points to your account, which means you can use your discount immediately. 

There are no annual payments, which means that you can spend and save at the same time. 

The Benefits of Getting a Target Red Card

Target cards have many benefits, as we’ve seen above. Customers can access a range of excellent offers, and the 5% discount on most purchases means you’ll save money on everything from clothing to coffee. 

It’s clear that a Target credit card is an attractive option for loyal customers, but do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of applying for a Target Red Card is the number of special offers available for loyal customers. The cartwheel scheme allows customers to receive huge discounts on eligible products, and regular shoppers can pick up some fantastic items for a fraction of the retail price. 

The Drawbacks of the Target Card

One disadvantage of a Target credit card is that you can only use it in Target stores or online. However, most store credit cards have the same approach. Therefore,  if you shop at the store regularly, they should not be a problem. 

There are several stipulations involved with the Target credit card, including high-interest rates and late payment fees. Let’s look at them in more detail. 

APR Rate…………………………23.90% Variable

Returned Payment Fee………..$27

Late Payment Fee…………………$24


While these rates might seem quite severe, they’re common practice in most store cards. You can avoid the high-interest rate and late fees by budgeting and paying off your purchases in time. 

Data Concerns 

Target uses your personal information to issue special offers based on your preferences. This helps them to spend less marketing dollars while also improving your shopping experience.

However, you should remember that the company also uses your data to pass onto third parties. While most companies do this, Target is a leader in supplying and analyzing user data

You will receive some excellent offers, but if your privacy is something you value, then it’s wise to do more research into Target’s data protection policies. 

Is It Worth It? 

We’ve looked into everything that Target’s credit card offers and examined the pros and cons. So, is it worth going through the application process? The short answer is that it depends on how often you plan to shop at Target. 

The card offers many benefits for regular shoppers, and the 5% discount is a desirable prospect for customers. However, if you struggle to manage your finances, then you should think twice about getting a card. High-interest rates and late payment fees can get you into serious debt. 

Customer reviews are positive, with CardRates giving the credit card a rating of 4.1 out of 5. With no annual fee, it’s worth having the card because even if you don’t make a purchase, you won’t have anything to pay. 

There are plenty of store cards around, but we think Target has created an excellent option for shoppers.