Washington DC Loan Forgiveness Programs

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Washington DC Loan Forgiveness Programs

On average, a typical college student/graduate in Washington DC carries $29,314 in student loan debt (whereas about 15% of people have debt exceeding $100,000). If you happen to be a licensed healthcare provider or an attorney in DC with outstanding student loan debt, you’re in luck – there are a few Washington DC loan forgiveness programs that can help you repay your debt in full.

What Qualifies You for Student Loan Forgiveness?

The qualification requirements for the two Washington DC loan forgiveness programs are completely different from one another (more on that later). These programs aren’t meant to provide absolute student loan forgiveness, per se, but awards applicants with funds that are contributed towards their loan repayment.

For the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, you need to make 120 consecutive monthly payments on a direct loan, while working (full-time) for a qualifying employer.

Take a Look at Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

The US government has launched several federal student loan forgiveness programs over the years. As a DC resident, you might be able to qualify for some of these programs – depending on your academic credentials, employment, and/or a few other factors.

You can see our list of student loan forgiveness programs to explore all options.

Washington DC Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Here are the student loan forgiveness programs that are exclusive to DC residents:

Let’s discuss the details – descriptions, requirements, etc. – of both.

Program: DC Health Professional Loan Repayment Program​

  • Amount: Up to $151,841 (over 4 years)
  • Description: The purpose of the DC Health Professional Loan Repayment Program is to recruit and retain licensed healthcare providers in qualifying health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) and medically underserved areas (MUAs) in Washington DC. Under this program, qualifying physicians can get up to $151,841 in student loan repayment assistance (over a period of 4 years), whereas other qualifying healthcare professionals can get up to $83,510.
  • Requirements: To be eligible for this program, applicants must be permanent residents of the United States, have the necessary license to practice in Washington DC, and must already be working at a qualifying area/site.
  • Program Details: DC Health Professional Loan Repayment Program

Program: District of Columbia Bar Foundation Loan Repayment Assistance Program

  • Amount: Up to $12,000 per year
  • Description: The DC Bar Foundation Loan Repayment Assistance Program was launched to support and assist serving low-income DC residents (while working for a qualified employer).
  • Requirements: In order to qualify for the DC Bar Foundation Loan Repayment Program, the applicant must be a DC resident, have the necessary academic credentials, have a salary lower than $79,567, and be working for a qualified employer.
  • Program Details: District of Columbia Bar Foundation Loan Repayment Assistance Program