Utah Loan Forgiveness Programs

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Utah Loan Forgiveness Programs

When it comes to average student loan debt per person, Utah clocks in at $18,838 – which is surprisingly the lowest. Nonetheless, college graduates struggle with repaying their debts and putting food on the table. Some even spend their entire lives trying to become debt-free. If you’re worried about your debt, there are different Utah loan forgiveness programs (and other, country-wide programs) that you could consider applying for. Keep reading to learn more.

What Qualifies You for Student Loan Forgiveness?

As far as Utah loan forgiveness programs are concerned, i.e. those that are specifically offered to the residents of Utah, they’re only available for healthcare professionals. Each program has its own set of requirements, which we’ll get into later.

As for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program – which is a federal program and offered across the country – the applicant is required to make 120 monthly payments on a Direct Loan to become eligible, after which, the remainder of their loan is forgiven.

Take a Look at Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

In case you’re a Utah resident, who’s not a health professional, there are over 10 other, country-wide federal programs that you could qualify for.

Each program has its own requirements, ranging from factors such as academic background, employment, etc. Check out our list of student loan forgiveness programs to see all the options.

Utah Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

The state of Utah offers the following two loan forgiveness programs to its residents:

Here are the details of both:

Program: Rural Physician Loan Repayment Program (RPLRP)

  • Amount:$15,000 per year
  • Description: Administered by the Utah Department of Health, the Rural Physician Loan Repayment Program (RPLRP) is meant to provide a financial incentive to physicians who agree to work at an eligible rural area in Utah, where there’s usually a critical shortage of professionals, for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Requirements: To be eligible for this program, the applicant must hold all of the relevant licenses and certifications to practice in Utah, and come into a formal agreement to serve for 2 years at one of the designated rural areas of the state.
  • Program Information: Rural Physician Loan Repayment Program (RPLRP)

Program: Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program (HCWFAP)

  • Amount: Varies
  • Description: The Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program is also administered by the Utah Department of Health. The purpose is to encourage healthcare professionals to work at underserved locations (Health Professional Shortage Areas) in Utah, by offering loan repayments as an incentive.
  • Requirements: Like the RPLRP, the HCWFAP requires the applicant to be licensed to practice in the state of Utah. They must also agree to work at an HSPA specified by the Utah Department of Health.
  • Program Information: Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program

NOTE: This program did not receive funding for the fiscal year 2020 (funding will resume at an unspecified time in the future).