SnackNation Review: Is the Employee Perk Worth it?

SnackNation Review: Is the Employee Perk Worth it?
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Are you looking for a SnackNation review? Then you’ve found it.

If you’re an employer, there’s a good chance you already know that some employees, particularly millennials, expect perks.

Are you aware of the extent to which some other companies go to provide perks for their staff?

This Insider article reports that companies are offering perks like:

  • Airbnb: $2,000 annual travel bonus
  • Google: Free meals
  • Facebook: Valet parking
  • Genentech: On-site spa treatments, haircuts, and car washes
  • Scripps Health: Pet insurance for your cat or dog
  • Goldman Sachs: Covers gender reassignment surgery
  • Spotify: Helps employees freeze their eggs
  • Twillo: A Kindle and $30 monthly to buy books

The good news for you? You don’t need to go to those extremes or expense to offer perks to your staff.

Today, almost 25 percent of all companies offer free food to their employees, and a lot of them are doing so with the help of SnackNation.

What is SnackNation?

SnackNation is a subscription-based B2B snack delivery service.

I bet some of you are wondering why you’d go to the extent of using a subscription service when you can just grab some bulk snacks at Sam’s or Costco or have something delivered from Amazon.

Have you ever tried to feed a group of people that may include just plain picky eaters, but eaters with dietary restrictions as well? They may follow diets like:

  • No added sugar
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Nut free
  • Paleo
  • Kosher
  • Non GMO

Imagine trying to manage all those needs and wants? You’re going to need a spreadsheet and likely someone to dedicate some time to the job of tracking and restocking your snacks.

So even if you are supplying snacks yourself, it’s costing you—and probably more than you realize—in time and money spent.

For those who think using a subscription service like SnackNation is expensive, you might be surprised to find out that at the end of the day, it’s actually the less expensive option.

And yes, you could just add a vending machine to the office break room and be done with it, but why add all those artery-clogging, heart attack in a wrapper foods to your employees’ diets? You want them to be healthy, don’t you?

A box of healthy snacks delivered on a timetable that works for you makes much more sense.

Is It Just About the Snacks?

No. Employee engagement plays a large role in what SnackNation is offering.

As an employee, where would you rather work? A company that does nothing to improve its work culture and environment or one that takes an active role in making sure they’re contributing to your overall wellness? Both physically and emotionally?

The answer is simple.

By providing snacks, and better yet, healthy snacks, your employees are more energized and therefore more productive throughout the day.

Oh, and your people are happy too. And you know that when people are happy they’re typically more productive.

To recap.

Healthy snacks can lead to:

  • Improved work cultures
  • Positive environments
  • Increased wellness
  • More energy
  • Happiness
  • Increased productivity

So, no. It’s not just about the snacks.

How SnackNation Works

SnackNation keeps the process simple.

They’ll also give you a free taste of what could follow by providing free snack boxes—they contain 15 snack packages—to anyone who shares a bit of info with them.


Simply tell them where you currently purchase your office snacks and goodies. They also want to know who makes the snack buying decisions and how you heard about SnackNation.

Now, assuming you’re not new to the internet and online marketing, you know this is a ploy to get your key contact info. But you do get that tempting snack box in return.

After getting a call from one of their customer service reps, you’ll get your box which includes an assortment of their most popular snacks.

Note that at this stage you still haven’t signed up for anything—even though they do have your info. This is a chance for you and your office to try out the SnackNation service before committing to anything.

Assuming your employees ate all the snacks in less than a day—because come on, there are only 15 that they send—you’re sold. You are all in and ready to set up a subscription.

At this point in the process, SnackNation will ask you if you want your deliveries sent to your office or your home. Or maybe both? You’ll also need to answer a series of questions in order to give them a better sense of your office’s snacking preferences.

The types of questions you’ll need to answer:

  • How many employees are you buying snacks for?
  • How much are you currently spending?
  • Do you currently face any frustrations with regards to providing office snacks?

At this point, SnackNation will explain the specific box they have chosen for you.

Their boxes start at $199, and you do have the option of customizing a box based on the size and needs of your office.

SnackNation Review

So what do users think of this service? What kind of SnackNation review are you likely to see?

Since launching in 2014 SnackNation has seen incredible growth. This is in part because it’s clear employees are extremely pleased with the selection. Management is happy about the quality of the product in relation to the amount they spend.

Providing healthy snacks that drive productivity and increase workplace morale and engagement is a win/win proposition.

No SnackNation review would be complete without a few pros and cons, so here they are. On top of what is stated above…


  • Free delivery everywhere in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii
  • Boxes are fully customizable
  • About half of the snacks are routinely rotated so there is always something new to try
  • Typically, snacks are 40% cheaper than retail


  • No international shipping
  • $50 to ship to Alaska and Hawaii
  • You can’t select your own snacks

Is SnackNation Worth It?

Based on my own SnackNation review, I would have to say yes.

What’s not to like? Healthy snacks that can lead to an increase in engagement and morale, and at a price that’s cheaper than it may be otherwise.

Remember, happy employees = productive employees.