Leading Innovation Ahead of the Curve.

Differentiate your financial health and wellness offering by integrating FutureFuel.io’s Student Debt FinHealth platform - under our brand, or yours.

Expand Your Offering with the Hottest Benefit in the Financial Health & Wellness Stack.

You’re in the B2B2C business. Your customers look to you to offer the most innovative and relevant solutions ahead of the adoption curve. Today, that’s relief from student loans.

Integrating FutureFuel.io leads to:

  • 01

    Realizing additional revenue streams

  • 02

    Differentiating your product offering within a highly competitive landscape

  • 03

    Leveraging student debt repayment to free up money to invest in core offerings (HSA, 529, 401(k), etc.)

  • 04

    Capturing love and loyalty of millennials for significant lifetime value

Become a partner

Your customers need solutions. FutureFuel.io can help get you to market efficiently and effectively via API integration and a thoughtful communication roll out strategy.


Offer a white label solution

Your brand is our brand. We do all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you don’t have to. We are a plug and play solution, with a global engineering team to get you to market right away.