12 Top HCM Software for Human Capital Management in 2020

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12 Top HCM Software for Human Capital Management in 2020

Workforce planning, talent acquisition, and performance management are all of the utmost importance for a manager. The question is: How can a manager do all of that and still have time for other important responsibilities? The answer – with a solid HCM software.

With the current talent shortage, employers must become smarter in their pursuit of attracting the right candidates, retaining employees, and developing their teams with human capital management practices.

HCM software, like GoCo, provides a smart and affordable solution to every employer that needs to automate and streamline processes to reduce costs, save time, and increase efficiency.

GoCo can effectively automate all key functions, including payroll, onboarding, and benefits which can let small and -sized businesses focus their efforts and resources more on business growth – rather than redundant tasks.

Why GoCo Makes a Good HCM Software

Nowadays, it’s smart to invest in HCM software rather than general software. For example, software like GoCo provides complete onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, and time tracking services, while general software can only provide recordkeeping services.

In a complete HCM software, you should expect talent management, performance management, self-service portals, applicant tracking, and PTO management too.

GoCo not only provides all the necessary features but also provides a wide array of options with each feature. For example, with its benefits administration platform, it provides benefits syncing, benefits compliance, and access to certified benefit advisors.

GoCo also manages and ensures you follow all compliance regulations like the Affordable Act (ACA) and COBRA, among others.

The best aspect of GoCo is that it lets you try out a demo, allowing you to make sure the software is right for you and your .

However, when it comes to HCM systems, there many other options you can choose from. At FutureFuel, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best HCM software you can invest in, including GoCo.

The 12 Best HCM Software In 2020 – Reviewed & Ranked

Each platform brings a unique set of features and advantages to the table – it’s up to you to decide which option best fulfills the requirements of your .

Without further ado, are the 12 best HCM software ruling the market:

1. GoCo [Top FutureFuel Choice]

GoCo allows companies to streamline onboarding, payroll, benefits, and other HR details. The offers an easy-to-use platform that makes human resources responsibilities simple.

With GoCo, you or your team, can organize your sensitive documents and data, as well as, ensure your stays compliant all year round.

What does it do?

‘s a list of our favorite GoCo features:

  • Onboarding: With automated, paper-free onboarding, e-signature, document collection, and benefits enrollment, you can go through the new-hire checklist with minimum effort.
  • New-hire Resources: The platform offers all the necessary forms and resources such as employee handbook templates and orientation workflow management.
  • Benefits Management: Through GoCo, you can manage your employees’ health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, retirement plan, and more. The platform is also HIPAA compliant.
  • Integrations: GoCo allows you to integrate with your favorite platforms, such as Slack and JazzHR. 
  • Employee Database: GoCo’s platform keeps all the details about your employee, and automatically updates details as information such as compensation, benefits, or deductions changes.
  • Payroll Management: This feature allows you to easily sync GoCo with your current payroll software so you don’t have to create new processes from the ground up.
  • Attendance Management: This feature allows you to check each employee’s profile to access details about attendance and PTO.
  • Performance Management: GoCo has an at-a-glance team feedback tool that allows you to monitor performance, take action, and get ahead of any concerns.

What makes it stand out?

A few of the reasons that we chose GoCo as our favorite HCM software are:

  • The possibility to manage multiple HR responsibilities all from one software.
  • Accuracy, trust, and security.
  • Excellent customer .
  • Great cost-benefit (free for small businesses that need only the basics).
  • The ‘s intelligent State detection that automatically applies State laws.
  • Strict adherence to the latest ACA, ERISA, COBRA, HSA, and FSA regulations.

GoCo is made for small-to–sized businesses that need to streamline human resources processes. If you need to automate onboarding, payroll, and benefits management, GoCo is your go-to software.

2. Zenefits 

Zenefits provides for smooth and easy human capital management by maximizing the AI software it uses across all services offered. 

The platform is all-encompassing in the sense that they target all significant areas within workforce management.  

What does it do?

Below, you will find a breakdown of the features offered by Zenefits: 

  • HR Functions: The HR software includes built-in options that simplify tedious HR processes like hiring and onboarding.
  • Workforce Management: Automate schedules, foster better management through employee self-service, and sync employee records across all HCM solutions.
  • Absenteeism: Regulate absence management by way of enhanced time off tracking. 
  • Business Intelligence: Keep current with performance reviews and other factors that impact your business’ success.
  • Support on Mobile Devices: Apps are available on both Android and Apple devices to guarantee your team access to their services across multiple platforms. 

What makes it stand out?

‘s why Zenefits deserves a spot in this list: 

  • The platform offers superior management services across four major sectors of human capital management. 
  • Supports a variety of employee benefits to meet the demands of employees today.
  • It makes scheduling employees and their times an easy task. 

This is known to be an asset for small to -sized businesses. Therefore, if you categorize your business in this bracket, you should consider Zenefits as your HCM software of choice.

3.    BizMerlinHR

BizMerlinHR is an AI-powered platform that offers a broad set of strategic HCM capabilities.

The platform transcends the traditional bounds of HRM/HCM, and targets IT managers and team leads, as well as, HR executives and TA specialists.

What does it do?

Here’s a list of features BizMerlinHR has to offer:

  • Application tracking system – get smart recommendations about potential candidates with an AI-powered ATS and hire the right talent.
  • Skill matrix – assess the skills of your employees, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and optimize your workforce.
  • Workforce planning – identify, predict, and close skill gaps to fulfill the requirements of your .
  • Retention management – track risk factors, predict attrition and get insight to nurture your team members in a better way.
  • Goal management – set and communicate your goals and increase employee engagement with ease.
  • And more – With an onboarding system, employee profiles, feedback system, performance management/review features, and a feedback system – BizMerlinHR packs a punch.

What makes it stand out?

are a few reasons BizMerlinHR made the list:

  • It’s one of the most configurable HCM software in the market. You can create your own workflows, performance review templates, and much more.
  • The platform offers a wide range of features, the likes of which aren’t offered by many other HCM software.
  • This HCM software allows seamless integration with other platforms like DocuSign, FreshBooks, Salesforce, etc.

If your falls under the category of small or -sized enterprises, BizMerlinHR may be the perfect HCM software for you.

4.    Workday

Workday is another comprehensive HCM system that takes of a of areas, from basic management (like staffing and compliance) to broader workforce planning.

Judging by its vast potential, it’s safe to say that Workday is one of the most complete HCM software out there.

What does it do?

Here’s what Workday has to offer:

  • Global management – comply with global regulations and combine them with practices, streamline processes, and get a bird’s-eye view of your ’s talent.
  • Reporting and analytics – gain valuable insight and identify critical trends to make your workforce more efficient.
  • Talent management software – identify talent, align the capabilities of your employees with organizational goals, and allow your employees to plan out their career development path.
  • Benefits enrollment software – design unique employee incentive programs to attract and retain top talent.
  • Compensation management software – manage the compensation plans for the entire through a single platform.
  • And more – Workday also provides an audit and internal controls software, workforce planning software, knowledge-based learning software, as well as, software for payroll management, time-tracking and attendance, and expense management.

What makes it stand out?

are a few reasons Workday made the list:

  • It’s one of the most (if not the most) user-friendly HCM software in the market.
  • Workday offers global compliance and integration features (like the Global HRM software and the Global Payroll Cloud), which is great for MNEs.
  • It offers one of the best reporting and analytics tools.
  • It can integrate with more than 40 different platforms.

Since Workday offers different global compliance features, it’s perfect for companies with global roots.

5.    BambooHR

BambooHR is a “people-focused” platform packed with a ton of modules, each offering different HCM capabilities.

As of now, it’s one of the hottest HRIS/HCM software in the market.

What does it do?

are a few features you look can forward to with BambooHR:

  • People data and analytics – get a secured database for information about your employees. Gain access to employee records, create custom workflows, and generate HR reports on-the-go.
  • Hiring – reduce training costs by finding the right candidates with the help of a state-of-the-art ATS. A mobile hiring app makes the recruitment process easy for both, employers and candidates.
  • Onboarding – make the right impact on new hires with paperless onboarding. Enjoy the convenience of e-signatures and gain valuable insights about exiting employees from the automated offboarding system.
  • Compensation – track the hours your employees put in with ease. Not only that, but you can also get instant notifications whenever an employee puts in a request for paid time off.
  • Culture – make performance management easy with a cutting-edge performance appraisal software. You can also gauge how satisfied your employees are with the employee satisfaction software that uses the eNPS (employee net promoter score), which can help identify disengaged employees.

What makes it stand out?

are a few reasons BambooHR made the list:

  • It provides top-of-the-line customer support and a myriad of online resources. As a result, it is nearly impossible for users to get stuck.
  • The offers a wide range of packages that meet the requirements of organizations of all sizes.
  • Continuous improvements and updates meet the ever-changing needs of modern-day companies.

Considering its unique analytics & reporting features and frequent updates, BambooHR is perfect for modern companies that rely on statistics to make, both trivial and significant decisions.

6.    Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Workforce Ready is an HCM suite that allows users to manage their entire workforce from a single platform.

This cutting-edge suite combines the power of workforce management and human capital management, to offer a unified solution in a user-friendly interface.

What does it do?

The Kronos Workforce Ready suite offers the following modules:

  • Talent acquisition – ensure the flow of high-quality talent with a smart application tracking system.
  • Performance management – automate performance reviews/appraisals and nurture your employees with consistent feedback.
  • Compensation management – automate and streamline the compensation management cycle.
  • Attestation – comply with state and union policies by allowing employees to attest to the hours they’ve worked, and the meals & rest breaks they take.
  • ACA Manager – comply with the Affordable Act (ACA), minimize risks, and get alerts whenever an employee is about to become eligible.
  • And more – Tools for people analytics, timekeeping, accrual tracking, and a scheduler.

What makes it stand out?

are a few reasons to invest in Kronos Workforce Ready:

  • The suite offers customization that can match the needs of your ’s requirements.
  • The platform is cloud-based and has a mobile app, which allows for easy access.
  • Kronos Workforce Ready sports a user-friendly interface.

Kronos Workforce Ready is intended for companies of all sizes, especially those with sub-divisions. Therefore, if you have a large enterprise with a divisional structure, this HCM system takes the cake.

7.    Ascentis

Ascentis offers “all-in-one” integrated human capital management solutions via their comprehensive suite.

The suite automates a of HRM functions, along with some other critical business processes.

What does it do?

Ascentis offers the following HCM solutions:

  • HRIS and benefits management – simplify complex HR functions (like benefits administration, reporting, etc.) and get access to employee data in one place.
  • Payroll software and tax filing – automate payroll processing and avoid risks by leveraging the special tax filing services of Ascentis.
  • Talent management software – manage appraisals/performance reviews, employee learning paths, and compensation, all from a single platform.
  • Recruiting software – find the best candidates, ensure seamless onboarding, and much more with the recruiting software.
  • Time and attendance software – track hours of your employees, plan schedules and ensure compliance.

What makes it stand out?

are some good reasons to select Ascentis for your HCM needs:

  • It has a user-friendly interface and simple customization/configuration capabilities.
  • The platform allows users to easily transfer the data of new employees from ATS and recruitment systems to employee records.
  • The customer support has a reputation for swift responses.

Ascentis has one of the best ATS and onboarding programs to offer, making it perfect for larger enterprises that engage in recruitment from time to time.

8.    Vibe HCM

Vibe HCM is another platform that offers core HR capabilities, along with special features for strategic employee engagement.

The cloud-based software can be accessed on any platform, from any corner of the world, and at any given time.

What does it do?

The Vibe HCM platform offers the following capabilities:

  • Recruit – create stunning career sites, select the right candidates with an effective ATS, get employee referrals, and much more.
  • Onboard – automate the onboarding process with welcome emails, profile creations, training and development, and more.
  • Communicate and connect – get access to a customizable content management system, a social network, and create talent profiles to connect your employees.
  • Manage – save time with self- process transactions, enjoy fast payroll processing, keep track of labor costs, and more.
  • Develop and recognize – provide consistent feedback to your employees, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and develop skills.
  • Measure – gauge employee satisfaction with engagement surveys, create talent charts, and use insightful information to make important decisions.

What makes it stand out?

are some good reasons to invest in the Vibe HCM:

  • It has lightning-fast implementation capabilities, great for saving both time and cost.
  • The offers world-class customer support and each user is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager.
  • The platform offers rock-solid security, ensuring the safety of sensitive information.

If you’re looking for hassle-free implementation and top-notch customer support, Vibe HCM might be the perfect platform for you.

9.    Viventium

Next up on the list is Viventium – another cloud-based HCM software, packing its own unique sets of features.

The platform is intended for small and -sized businesses and automates a of processes, ranging from talent acquisition to payroll management.

What does it do?

  • Talent acquisition software – attract top talent with an ATS, create custom onboarding processes, and verify the information of applicants with just a few clicks.
  • Time and attendance software – track and manage the hours of your employees and choose whichever method you prefer (mobile devices, biometrics, etc.).
  • Online payroll software – save hours by managing the payroll on a cloud-based software with an intuitive user interface.
  • ACA compliance software – keep track of regulations to ensure ACA compliance.
  • Business intelligence software – utilize critical data, create insightful reports, and make the right business decisions, at the right time.
  • Human resources – engage in administrative and strategic from a single platform.

What makes it stand out?

are a few reasons why Viventium made the list:

  • It’s easy to create custom workflows.
  • The HCM software allows for seamless integration with other platforms (for example, ADP Workforce Now, TimeClock Plus, etc.).
  • The platform allows users to work on multiple payrolls at once.
  • ACA compliance management capabilities are one of the best.

If you have a large workforce and have to manage multiple payrolls simultaneously, Viventium is a solid choice.

10.    ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a complete HCM platform that offers HR, payroll, talent, workforce, and benefits management capabilities.

As of now, it’s one of the most flexible HR and payroll solutions in the market.

What does it do?

ADP Workforce Now offers the following solutions:

  • Payroll – manage payroll, avoid tax and compliance errors, and provide employees access to valuable information through a single platform.
  • Workforce management – track time and attendance in real-time and gain insights from comprehensive reports on hours worked.
  • HR management – update employee records, gain access to free onboarding templates, create insightful reports, and more.
  • Talent management – attract, select, onboard, and retain the cream of the crop with modern performance and compensation management features. Leverage data to come up with unique employee appreciation ideas and increase engagement.
  • Benefit solutions – manage administration and enrollment, and create flexible benefits plans.
  • Insights – leverage machine learning capabilities and uncover hidden trends to make critical business decisions.

What makes it stand out?

If you’re having second thoughts about investing in ADP Workforce Now, consider the following:

  • The platform offers flexibility in HR and payroll management like no other.
  • Users receive assistance and training from ADP Workforce Now professionals.
  • ADP Workforce Now sports a logical layout and can integrate with several other software, making implementation easy.
  • Each user is assigned a dedicated customer rep, who is available around the clock to provide assistance.

If you have a or large-sized enterprise, ADP Workforce Now may be the perfect HCM software for you.

11.    SentricHR

SentricHR is a web-based HR and payroll management software that automates and integrates a wide range of core business processes.

The platform has been designed for and large-sized enterprises, and sports features like paperless onboarding, payroll management, a central HRIS, and much more.

What does it do?

’s what SentricHR has to offer:

  • HRIS – store, manage, and access critical data, all through a single platform that integrates with a of other applications.
  • Profiles – create profiles for your employees, keep track of their work, and allow them to do the same.
  • Documents – go paperless by leveraging e-signatures that comply with ESIGN and UETA, and manage recipients with ease.
  • Benefits – create and manage benefits plans, and allow your employees to see which plans they’re eligible for. For example, if you’ve partnered up with FutureFuel to help your employees crush their student debt, they’ll be able to check if they’re eligible for the program.
  • Talent – provide constructive feedback to your employees on time and make employee development easy.
  • And more – SentricHR also comes with a time and attendance software, as well as, a payroll management system, job board integration, and custom onboarding experiences.

What makes it stand out?

are a few reasons why SentricHR made the list:

  • The platform has one of the best payroll management systems in place since it integrates with the time and attendance software and updates information in real-time.
  • Since managers always have easy access to critical information, they can create ad hoc reports in a flash.
  • This platform offers high configurability, especially if you’re familiar with HTML.

To summarize, if you’re looking for an all-around payroll management system, SentricHR may be the right option for you.

12. UltiPro

Last, but certainly not least, is UltiPro – another complete HCM software that combines the power of HR, payroll, and talent management, developed by Ultimate Software.

What does it do?

UltiPro offers the following features:

  • Human resources – increase productivity by providing employees with the resources and information they need to become more efficient.
  • Performance management – develop your workforce by automating the performance review and appraisal cycle.
  • Compensation management – provide your employees with the compensation they deserve via an intuitive user-interface.
  • Employee surveys and sentiment analysis – gather insightful information about the workplace experiences of your employees and make better-informed decisions to retain them.
  • Predictive analytics tool – extract insights about your ’s top-performing individuals, predict flight risks, and keep employee turnover under control.
  • And more – UltiPro also comes packed with recruitment tools, benefits administration software, learning software, as well as, payroll software, an employee file management system, and success management tools.

What makes it stand out?

are a few convincing reasons to select UltiPro:

  • The platform offers the longest list of modules, covering all human capital management needs
  • It’s packed with smart BI/analytics tools that help the workforce keep track of their progress
  • Users can connect with other users and exchange resources and guidance.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, there’s no better option than UltiPro.

Time to Implement

Choosing the perfect HCM software begins with figuring out your ’s needs, and you can by identifying your major HCM pain points.

Do your managers spend an entire day (or more) processing payrolls every month? Do your employees find your benefit plans confusing?

Or maybe, you’re unable to hire and retain the right candidates. It boils down to what you consider as “high value” (and your budget). As a result, your best bet is to examine your options, assess your needs, and invest in the HCM software that’s perfect for you.

FutureFuel recommends you with GoCo if you haven’t decided on an HCM software yet. The demo lets you try the software out so you can figure out if its the right fit for your business.