Florida Blue Insurance: Is it Worth it? [Employer Review]

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Florida Blue Insurance: Is it Worth it? [Employer Review]

In today’s workplace, employers need to deal with a of factors regarding the health and well-being of their employees. Not doing so can lead to negative consequences on employees’ lives, which at the end of the day, means a negative impact on your organization. One of the most common ways to offer health support to employees is to offer good health insurance. Florida Blue offers some options that might be of interest to your .

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Poor health, sedentarism, and a lack of medical attention can have a negative impact on employees’ professional performance. Low productivity levels and sick days end up affecting your ‘s bottom line.

According to the CDC Foundation, low productivity levels plus high absenteeism rates cost organizations around $1,700 per employee every year.

Also, sedentary adults can spend more than $1,000 on health every year, not to mention other $150 billion that are spent on obesity-related problems every year in the U.S.

To avoid significant losses regarding low productivity caused by employees’ health problems, you need to provide employees with a health insurance policy so they perform to their full potential.

Now, is Florida Blue the you’ve been looking for to offer this employee benefit in your ?

Let’s take a look at what Florida Blue insurance policies have to offer.

Florida Blue: Insurance Policies for Your Employees

Florida Blue is a division of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. The works as an licensee of these two associations in the state of Florida.


The organization’s mission is “to help people and communities achieve better health declares our purpose as a and it serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and our decisions.

The was founded almost 70 years ago with the purpose of offering affordable health for Florida residents. Today, the offers different options for employers to offer health insurance as an employee benefit, as well as insurance policies for families.

Florida Blue Insurance Policies

Florida Blue offers employers and employees a variety of health plans that include a combination of good quality services and low costs.

The organization offers the following solutions for your employees:

Health Insurance

It does not matter if your focus is on providing your staff with high-value benefits or providing an inexpensive alternative, Florida Blue health insurance has both alternatives.

Dental Insurance

Florida Blue offers you different dental solutions ranging from PPO-style and copay options to prepaid plans.

Life Insurance

Through its affiliate – Florida Combined Life – the offers LifeEssentialsSM insurance with affordable and flexible options.

Vision Insurance

The organization offers BlueVision plans so employees can get general check-ups or anything they need regarding their vision.

Disability Insurance

BlueRestoreSM Disability policies offer employees income protection in case a disabling condition keeps them out of work for a determined period of time.

Voluntary Coverage

Florida Blue also offers voluntary insurance products such as worker’s compensation, accident, critical illness, and hospital confinement. With this policy, you can help your employees and their families be prepared for any unexpected situation.

As you can see, Florida Blue offers a wide variety of solutions when it comes to providing your employees with a complete health benefit.

Types of Coverage

Florida Blue offers different alternatives when it comes to dependants. This means that you, as an employer, can choose whether or not to include family members on the insurance coverage. These are the types of policies you can get if you have an insurance policy with Florida Blue:

  • Employee
  • Employee/Family
  • Person (Employee and one dependent, either spouse/domestic partner or child)
  • Employee/Child
  • Employee/Children
  • Employee/Spouse or Domestic Partner

If you want to know more about the conditions of these types of coverages, read the Florida Blue Guide For Group Administration.

Florida Blue Insurance Eligibility Requirements

Florida Blue health insurance eligibility department takes the following points into consideration to determine employees’ eligibility:

1. Be a bona fide employee of the Group.
2. Have a job that falls within a job classification on the Group Application.
3. Work for the Group at least the weekly of hours specified on the Group Application. Part-time, temporary or substitute employees are not eligible.
4. Live in, or be employed in, the area (BlueCare, SimplyBlue, and BlueSelect products only).
5. Complete any applicable eligibility waiting period specified on the Group Application.

Once eligibility is determined, your employees will be notified about the effective dates. The coverage effective date will be either the first or fifteenth of the following month.

It is also required that the employee enrollment application is submitted within the 30 following days after the enrollment effective date. Otherwise, the employee will have to apply again at the Annual Open Enrollment.

Also, if the application is submitted after the due date, there might be a loss of coverage. If there is a loss of coverage under Healthy Kids, Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), or Medicaid, the employee will have 60 days to apply again.

Better Your Strides

Better Your Strides is Florida Blue’s new digital program. This program is powered by CaféWell and it will help improve your employees’ health and your bottom line.

This program creates a Personal Health Itinerary for each worker. It consists of a custom-made plan with suggested activities based on your employees’ interests, goals, and health status.

florida blue program

Employees can complete activities at their own pace and see their progress online or with the CaféWell mobile app. For each program completed, employees can earn points for rewards.

As part of Florida Blue’s adoption efforts, your staff will receive emails with instructions on how to register for Better You Strides. Also, Your Florida Blue sales representative can provide more educational materials for you to share with your employees.

Florida Blue E-Learning Digital Education Tool

Florida Blue offers an option for benefit and enrollment education to organizations with more than 50 employees. They offer a learning digital education tool that can help you educate your employees regarding their health benefits with Florida Blue.


The tool is available 24/7 on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

There isn’t a specific law that requires employers to offer health coverage to their employees. That said, if you have an organization with 50 full-time employees or their equivalent in part-time employees, the Affordable Act can impose a penalty on your if you don’t provide health insurance

You must provide health insurance to 95% of your employees if they fall within the categories mentioned above. The amount can be as high as $3,750 per employee per year if you don’t.

Therefore, you can consider Florida Blue as a viable option that enables you to offer this benefit to all your full-time employees. Providing your staff with a satisfactory employee experience can have a positive impact on employee turnover levels and employee engagement. Remember that your employees are the workforce leading your to success.

Compensate them accordingly.