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Your Student Debt FinHealth platform.

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Paying down student loans pays off.

Attract and retain top talent by addressing the #1 financial concern of our next gen workforce: student debt.

Repayment and beyond

Here are the products you can offer employees to crush their student debt.


Support your employees


Contribute to crush the student debt of employees


Build employee wealth through a 401k match


Leverage rewards to pay off the student debt of employees


Shave years off their debt!

Round Up

Shave years of the debt of your employees with spare change


Allow employees to receive cash from everyday purchases

Auto Crush

Let employees make extra payments easily


Empower employees to crush the student debt of a loved one


Lower their monthly bills!


Employees can explore federal programs that save time and money


Lower employees’ interest by an average of 1.7%


Save them $$$!

Roll Up

Let employees see all their loans in one spot


Equip employees with smart tips

Easy Enterprise Implementation

FutureFuel.io empowers employers to launch a holistic, modular and personalized Student Debt Financial Health and Wellness platform for eligible employees through a secure and reliable platform in minutes. Implementation is easy, and dashboards keep you informed, real-time, of engagement.

Simple and secure setup process

Simple and secure setup process

Mobile-first user <br>experience</br>

Mobile-first user

Scalable throughout the organization

Scalable throughout the organization

Seamless and secure transfer of funds

Seamless and secure transfer of funds

Real-time platform support and live chat

Real-time platform support and live chat

Happy employees guaranteed

Happy employees guaranteed

FutureFuel.io makes adoption of student debt centric benefits easy.

Retention Strategy

Retention Strategy

A novel way to incent employees to stay – offering impact where employees need it most- relief against their student loans. Whether offering a match, sponsoring round up, offering repayment, or serving up refi - your employees will love you for sharing and caring.

Operational Precision

Operational Precision

Your organization is committed to excellence for your customers, and you want the same for your employees. Make sure payments are made correctly every time.

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

We notify you and your employees when payments are made, and we provide clear and useful dashboards for all stakeholders - administrators to employees.

Brand Halo

Brand Halo

Employees with student debt rank student debt repayment as > important than 401k contribution. Want to become a destination of choice? Show them that you care. That you've listened.