Victoria’s Secret Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth it?

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Victoria’s Secret Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth it?

Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Reynoldsburg, OH. It is part of the L Brand, which is one of the leading companies. Today, VS is the largest women’s lingerie retailer in the United States. Victoria’s Secret’s employee benefits are comprehensive and affordable.

Victoria’s Secret also has its own line of makeup including fragrances and beauty products. It is a popular brand across the world with 1,100 locations. On average, each VS store generates around 5 million U.S dollars annually.

Victoria’s Secret provides its employees with an inclusive and productive workplace. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing.

Victoria’s Secret Employee Benefits Team

Stephanie Andino – Vice President, Human Resources

Stephanie Andino – Vice President, Human Resources

Stephanie Andino became a part of Victoria’s Secret workforce four years ago and recently assumed her current position in May 2019.

Her responsibilities include talent acquisition, employee engagement, and talent management. She also oversees organization design & development, succession planning, and store organization.

Andino received her MA from NYU.

Find her on:


What are Victoria’s Secret’s Employee Benefits?

Here is a detailed summary of VS employee benefits:

Employee BenefitsDescription
Healthcare Benefits
Affordable medical insurance plan is provided to the employees that cover a wide range of health issues. You get multiple plan options.
Vision Coverage
Vision coverage is included in the health plan.
Dental Coverage
Dental coverage is included in the health plan.
Employee DiscountsEmployees get store discounts and other monthly deals.
Paid Time OffVictoria’s Secret allows multiple PTO’s to its employees along with paid vacations and paid time off for volunteering.
Maternity Leave
14 weeks of paid maternity leave is given
Job Training
Victoria’s Secret supports an Employee mentoring program through which the employees are given comprehensive training of how things work. The training period is paid.
Flexible Hours
Both part-time and full-time slots are available.
Monthly Bonus System
Victoria’s Secret has a monthly bonus system that motivates the employees to achieve their monthly goals to get the bonus.
Adoption Assistance
Victoria’s Secret provides its employees with adoption assistance. The company covers a portion of an employee’s adoption costs.
Tuition Reimbursement
Victoria’s Secret employees are offered tuition reimbursement for courses approved by the company.
FSA and HSA Accounts
Employees have the opportunity to sign up for FSA or HSA accounts
401 (k) Savings Plan
Victoria’s Secret offers a 100% match up to 4%.

What Employee Benefits is Victoria’s Secret Known for?

Victoria’s Secret’s employee benefits are the main incentive that keeps its employees’ motivation levels high. The benefits package combined with salary results in a work environment that is more driven and productive.

Some of the benefits offered at Victoria’s Secret include:

  • Affordable health insurance.
  • Dental and Vision coverage.
  • A generous paid time off policy with paid days off for volunteering.
  • 14 weeks of paid maternity leave.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Employee discounts on Victoria’s Secret items.
  • A 100% 401(k) match up to 4% of your salary.

Victoria’s Secret offers comprehensive health insurance and the coverage is quite cost-effective. Most importantly it offers a few plan options. You can also sign up for HSA and FSA accounts to cover healthcare and dependent care expenses.

Victoria’s Secret employees can get a generous number of paid days off. The company also offers paid holidays and vacations. Besides, you can get paid time off for volunteering. According to Glassdoor, you can get 19 days of PTO. The amount of leave increases with your years of service. PTO is for both full-time and hourly employees.

Victoria’s Secret offers excellent employee discounts and monthly discounts on its products. Employees can get a discount at any VS store. According to Glassdoor, you can get discounts of up to 40% to 50%. Part-time employees also get a 30% discount on items. You can also enjoy gratis and seasonal discounts.

The company focuses a lot on its employee training and development. Victoria’s Secret has an extensive employee training and development program. The best part is that employees are paid for getting trained.

Besides these perks, employees get on-site benefits as well. Surprisingly, there is not enough information about VS’ employee benefits online. Since VS comes under L Brands, we can assume VS employees also get a few L Brands benefits. Some of the benefits include commuter benefits, MetLife pet insurance, and auto & home insurance.

As a result of these perks, the company has a high employee engagement rate. They also provide an environment that offers a good employee experience.

How Does Victoria’s Secret Help with Student Loans?

Victoria’s Secret does not help with student loans at this time. The company does offer tuition reimbursement to employees who want to continue their studies.

Student loans are a huge financial burden for Americans with a college degree. A better part of their careers is spent trying to pay off their student loans. Because the debt is so massive, it can even dictate the career path of a new college graduate.

There are many ways to make the student loan repayment process easier. You can go for interest deductions or sign up for student loan repayment grants. But it is difficult for an average person to understand the technical aspects. It makes student loan management difficult.

Employers that offer or plan to offer student loan support can do it through FutureFuel. The platform allows both employers and employees to set up their accounts. Employers, among other things, can use their accounts to send company contributions to employees. This helps employees to pay their student loans back faster and also manage the debt easily.

How do Victoria’s Secret’s Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Victoria’s Secret’s employee benefits are for all employees. The benefits, however, are different for different job types and levels. Here are some of the ways the benefits can vary:

  • Initially, there is a 20% employee discount on products which increases after 6 months of work. Part-time employees get a 30% discount after working for 6 months. Full-time employees get a 40% discount.
  • Your salary depends on your job type and seniority level.
  • The number of paid days off increases with your years of service.
  • Full-time and part-time employees do not have the same PTO policy.

How Has Victoria’s Secret Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Victoria’s Secret keeps its work environment productive through its benefits package. This is how the company keeps improving its work culture. Victoria’s Secret’s employee benefits also improve with time. Here are a few ways the company improves its benefits over time:

  • The more years you spend with the company the better the benefits get.
  • PTO gets better with time.
  • Maternity leave also got a bump from 8 to 14 weeks.
  • Despite the changing economic outlook of the country, VS keeps its coverage affordable.

Are Victoria’s Secret Careers Worth it?

Victoria’s Secret is a huge name in its industry. VS employees take pride in being associated with the brand. Most importantly, any VS work experience on your resume will considerably increase your market value.

Here are a few more factors that make the company a good career option:

  • Victoria’s Secret offers an excellent training program where employees can learn all the tips and tricks of the trade. This improves your skillset and industry knowledge. This can give you a good career foundation.
  • The health benefits are comprehensive. You can save a lot of money on medical bills.
  • Coverage is cost-effective so you don’t lose a huge chunk of your salary each month.
  • The company’s 401(k) plan offers financial stability after retirement.
  • Employee discounts and bonuses give you financial support.

Discover Victoria’s Secret Jobs and Careers

If you want to build a career with Victoria’s Secret, you should bookmark the following website:

Victoria’s Secret Glassdoor

You can find more than 2.6K Victoria’s Secret job listings on Glassdoor. To find a job of your interest, you can use the search bar and filter your options. It will make the search process faster and easier. All job listings include the necessary details like requirements, qualifications, and responsibilities. You can also see employee reviews on Glassdoor to make a better decision about your career.

Victoria’s Secret Indeed

With more than 2.7K vacancies, Indeed is another excellent platform to find a job at Victoria’s Secret. Since it has a huge number of jobs it can be difficult to look for the one that suits you. Use the search filter to narrow down your choices and save time. Each listing offers all the necessary job-related details including location. Indeed also has hundreds of employee reviews. There is a Q&A section that can be very handy if you need any answers before applying for a job.

Victoria’s Secret LinkedIn

LinkedIn also has a lot of job vacancies as a result of which the search process can become tedious. You can use the website’s search bar to look for openings based on your preferences and a result save time. Besides a good search feature, each job has all the details such as location, job description, and requirements. You can also apply directly on Victoria’s Secret website through LinkedIn.


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