Verizon Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

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Verizon Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

Verizon Communications Inc. was founded in 1983 when AT&T Corporation was required to break up its Bell System into multiple smaller companies. Today, Verizon is a multi-national conglomerate that offers services for cable and digital television, internet services, mobile phones and more. Its divisions include Verizon Consumer, Verizon Media and Verizon Business. It also has numerous subsidiaries that operate around the world. Approximately 139,000 people are currently employed by Verizon, and the company is actively hiring for many positions. If you are considering joining the Verizon team, you may be curious to learn about its many employee benefits.

Verizon Employee Benefits Team

Christy Pambianchi, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

After Christy Pambianchi graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, she worked for PepsiCo for approximately 10 years. She then was hired by Corning Incorporated. Her positions at Corning included Vice President of Human Resources, Division Vice President of Human Resources and Senior Vice President of Human Resources. Since July 2019, she has been the lead human resources officer at Verizon. In her current position, she oversees training, inclusion and diversity, benefits, compensation and more. Christy actively works in her community in various service roles. She is or has been active in the Lumina Foundation, FIRST Robotics and the Alternative School for Math and Science.

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What Are Verizon Employee Benefits?

Employee BenefitsDescription
401(k) PlanCompany will match up to the first 6% of employee contributions.
Employee DiscountAll employees have access to discounted prices on products and services.
Health InsuranceBasic heath cover including dental, medical, and vision.
Parental BenefitsNew parents can take advantage of paid parental leave for up to eight weeks, and new mothers may receive paid benefits for up to 16 weeks.
Adoption AssistanceParents who are adopting will receive partial reimbursement for related costs and fees.
On-site GymOn-site gyms available in select locations.
Gym membershipsWhere there is no on-site gym, staff receive reduced memberships at participating local gyms.
Professional DevelopmentAccess to online tools and training programs for personal and career growth.
Tuition AssistanceVerizon will help employees pay for part of their tuition fees.
Employee Assistance ProgramAccess to exceptional support services at all hours of the day.
Paid Time OffPaid time off can be accrued by employees and used for holidays, vacations, and sick leave.

What Employee Benefits is Verizon Known for?

If you are interested in Verizon careers, you can take advantage of numerous benefits depending on your status as a part-time or full-time employee. As is the case with other major employers, Verizon provides eligible employees with a comprehensive insurance plan and paid time off for holidays, vacation and sick days. The insurance plan includes the following:

  • Comprehensive health, disability, vision, and dental coverage. 
  • A 50% 401(k) match up to 6% of employee’s salary.
  • 16 fully paid weeks of maternity leave and 8 weeks of fully paid paternity leave.
  • The company reimburses employees for a certain portion of their adoption expenses.
  • 2-5 weeks of paid vacation days. Employees also get sick leaves, personal time off, and holidays.
  • Employee discounts on Verizon products.
  • A profit-sharing program is also available.

Discounts on products and services include numerous communications-related products and services through Verizon’s various divisions and subsidiaries. 

Besides an excellent maternity and paternity leave, Verizon also offers the option to go for dependent care Spending Accounts. These accounts allow employees to set aside some money for healthcare emergencies and child and eldercare services. 

The wireless carrier focuses on its employees’ health and wellness. In select locations around the world, employees can take advantage of discounts at participating in local gyms or on-site fitness centers in the workplace. Eligible employees also have access to a health spending account.

Employees get every chance to grow professionally and expand their skill sets. Verizon actively supports the professional development of its employees in numerous ways. This includes providing access to online development tools and on-site training. Eligible employees can also take advantage of tuition assistance.

The company also has an Employee Assistance Program. Part-time and full-time employees have access to exceptional support services at all hours of the day. Some of these services provide support for substance abuse and mental health concerns. They also include services for stress management, financial issues, childcare and eldercare concerns and more.

Many major employers require employees to work with the company for 30 to 90 days before qualifying for any benefits. Verizon, on the other hand, gives you access to your perks right away.

How does Verizon Help with Student Loans?

Verizon does not have a student loan support program for its employees at this time. The company does give tuition reimbursement for courses and degrees related to an employee’s career at Verizon.

Student loans have become a financial crisis in America. New graduates usually opt for employers that offer student loan support instead of taking up jobs they really want. The sad news is that only 4% of employers in the U.S. are offering student loan repayment programs. There are many companies that plan to introduce the benefit but they need to make the implementation process and delivery cost-effective. 

To bridge this gap, companies like FutureFuel have come up with a solution. FutureFuel is a platform that makes it easier for employers to implement and manage their student loan program. Employees can also create their own accounts and manage their student debt.

How Do Verizon Employee Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Verizon employees have access to different benefits depending on their geographic location as well as on the division or subsidiary that they work for. Part-time employees receive minimal benefits at Verizon, but there is no significant difference in the benefits package for full-time employees based on their job title for most positions. As is the case in many major corporations, executives at Verizon receive lucrative benefits packages that are not available to other full-time employees. You can learn more about the specific employee benefits that may be available for a position that you are interested in during your job interview.

How Has Verizon Has Improved Its Benefits Package Over Time?

Unlike many other international conglomerates, Verizon has only been operating for a few decades. Because of this, health insurance and paid time off have been offered to eligible employees throughout its history. Other benefits, including parental benefits, wellness benefits, and others, have been added and enhanced over the years. Verizon’s benefits package is on par with many other major corporations and it excels in some areas that other corporations fall behind in. The company strives to attract and retain top talent by offering excellent compensation and a robust benefits package. Because of this, the company actively searches for benefits that would be advantageous to its employees and makes thoughtful updates to the overall compensation plan as needed.

Are Verizon Careers Worth It?

For many workers, a job at Verizon turns into a lengthy career with the company. This is because Verizon does an excellent job of identifying and recruiting talented individuals and nurturing them with professional development opportunities. Many employees also remain with the company because of the competitive wages and superior benefits package as well as because of the many opportunities to advance within the company. Verizon offers excellent opportunities for entry-level positions up to top executive positions in technology, sales, finance, and many other areas.

Discover Verizon Jobs and Careers

At any given time, Verizon may be actively hiring for hundreds of positions around the world. Regardless of whether you are interested in a full-time or part-time position, these are among the top online resources to use to facilitate a search:

Verizon Careers

The Verizon website is the most direct resource available for real-time information about job opportunities. The website provides you with an accurate list of all openings worldwide with numerous filters. You can apply for positions directly through the website.

Verizon Internships

If you are currently enrolled in college, you may be interested in gaining professional experience and learning about Verizon’s culture through an internship. You can explore current internship opportunities and apply through the website.

Verizon LinkedIn

Job openings at Verizon are updated regularly on LinkedIn’s employment page. You can customize your search specifically for Verizon opportunities, and you can use filters to refine your search parameters.

Verizon Indeed is an excellent online resource for job seekers who are searching for opportunities at Verizon. The website provides detailed information about the company as well as a full list of current openings.


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