Trader Joe’s Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

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Trader Joe’s Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain based in the U.S. The retailer has its headquarters in Monrovia, California and 474 locations in 41 states. Trader Joe’s employee benefits are the reason why employees love working at this company.

Trader Joe’s was originally founded in 1958 as Pronto Market. It was renamed as Trader Joe’s in 1967. The product lines of the retailer include staple food, specialty products, and organic food.

The company has more than 10,000 employees who consider Trader Joe’s an excellent career choice.

Trader Joe’s Employee Benefits Team

Christina Baca – Director, Human Resources (no image available)

Christina Baca has been with Trader Joe’s since 1991. She is responsible for maintaining a culture that keeps employees happy. She achieves her goal through employee benefits.

Baca did her B.A.Sc from California State University and received her HR management certificate from UCLA Extension Corporate Education & Custom Programs.

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What are Trader Joe’s Employee Benefits?

Here is a complete overview of Trader Joe’s employee benefits:

Employee BenefitsDescription
Healthcare Plan
Employees get full health coverage at very affordable rates. The cost of the plan is as low as $85 per month.
Dental Coverage
Dental coverage is given to both full-time and part-time employees.
Vision Coverage
Vision coverage is given to both full-time and part-time employees.
401 (k) Plan
Trader Joe’s contributes 10% of your eligible salary if you are 30 and above and 5% if you are 20 to 29 years old. You are fully vested in your account after 6 years.
Paid Time-off
Your paid time off increases with your number of years in service.
In-house Promotions
The company has a culture of promoting from within its ranks.
Career Development
Employees are given every chance to improve their skills and gain professional knowledge.
Flexible Hours
Employees get to choose their schedules and working hours.
Employee Discounts
Employees are given a 10% discount on merchandise and food.

What Employee Benefits is Trader Joe’s Known for?

Trader Joe’s employee benefits make it one of the best places to work for in the U.S. The company has been on multiple lists of best workplaces including Fortune 100 and Forbes. The retailer’s main focus is to offer benefits that ensure its employees stay in the best physical and mental health. This caring attitude of Trader Joe’s management does wonders to improve employee morale. There is no denying that motivated employees don’t leave and that is why Trader Joe has a high employee retention rate.

Some of the best-known Trader Joe’s employee benefits include:

  • A comprehensive healthcare plan.
  • 401(k) match up to 10% of an employee’s salary.
  • A generous PTO policy.
  • Extensive career development programs.
  • Employee discounts.
  • Flexible working hours.

Trader Joe’s is known for its flexible working hours for employees. The crew members are given the freedom to determine their own availability. This makes it extremely easy for them to have a work-life balance. Employees take advantage of this facility to continue their studies as well. It allows them to enjoy their work, which creates a wonderful employee experience.

The company offers a comprehensive healthcare plan. The coverage includes dental and vision as well. The plan is fully covered and available at extremely low rates. Employees are required to pay as low as $85 per month. To qualify for the plan, you have to work at least 30 hours. To get free dental and vision you need to complete 15 hours of service with the retailer. You can also get a free-of-cost gym membership.

Trader Joe’s retirement plan provides financial stability to employees after they retire. The 401(k) contribution is based on your age. You get a 10% match if you are 30 or above and 5% if you are between the ages of 20 to 29. Trader Joe’s contributes whether you make a contribution or not. Employees are fully vested after completing six years with the company.

Due to the employee-friendly nature of these benefits, Trader Joe’s enjoys a high level of employee engagement. The working environment is family-friendly, and employees are not overburdened with tough working hours or long shifts.

How does Trader Joe’s Help with Student Loans?

Trader Joe’s does not offer any help with student loans at this time. Moreover, you also cannot find any information on the retailer’s tuition reimbursement program. So, it can be assumed the company does not offer any tuition assistance as well.

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How do Trader Joe’s Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Trader Joe’s is one of the most “fun” places to work. The company tries its best to offer excellent benefits to all its employees. For example, it is one of the rare employees where full-time and part-time employees get healthcare insurance including dental and vision. However, there are still a few factors that change with your job type and seniority level.

Here are some of the ways Trader Joe’s benefits change for different jobs:

  • Trader Joe’s 401(k) contribution depends on your age. According to reviews found on Glassdoor, employees who are 30 and above get 10% and those between 20 and 29 get 5%.
  • The amount of leave you get depends on your years of service at Trader Joe’s.
  • Your coverage also depends on the U.S. state you live in. The basic coverage is the same for all states, but their providers and plans vary.

How Has Trader Joe’s Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Trader Joe’s has been around for 60 plus years. Today it is considered one of the best places to work. The company enjoys a very high employee rating on Glassdoor and Indeed. The reason for this popularity is the retailer’s commitment to keeping its employees happy by offering comprehensive benefits and perks.

Here is how Trader Joe’s keeps making things better for its employees:

  • Employees get 20% more vested in their retirement funds each year. This way, after completing six years with the retailer, employees are fully vested in their accounts.
  • The amount of paid leave increases with the number of years you spend with the company.
  • Your salary also increases each year.

All of these factors show that Trader Joe’s creates policies and plans that get better and offer more with time.

Are Trader Joe’s Careers Worth It?

Trader Joe’s is called one of the best workplaces by almost all of its employees. The company has been on every list for top workplaces in America. Here are a few factors that make Trader Joe’s a career job:

  • The retailer holds salary reviews twice a year. Employees can get 7% to 10% of salary increases each year.
  • Trader Joe’s believes in professional development and growth. Each employee is encouraged to learn all aspects of their job, which improves their skill set and knowledge of the industry. It opens up more than one career option for them.
  • The company makes contributions to your retirement fund whether you contribute or not.
  • Trader Joe’s has a very high percentage of in-house promotions; it is as high as over 75%. 100% of all Trader Joe’s captains were promoted from junior positions called “Mate”. 75% of all mates were promoted from their junior position called “Crew”.
  • You also get employee discounts that can reduce the financial burden.

There is no doubt that Trader Joe’s is a career job. You get a chance to work your way up through the ranks. The training you get as an employee also opens up multiple avenues for you and you can secure different types of jobs in the retail industry.

Discover Trader Joe’s Jobs and Career

If you want to build a career at Trader Joe’s, then you must know where to find all its job openings. Here are a few places that will help you with your job search.

Trader Joe’s Careers

The official careers page of Trader Joe’s allows you to search for all the available vacancies. Once you click on job search, you can see jobs in different categories. You can also search for vacancies by state. Each job listing gives you all the job-related information such as hourly pay, requirements, and responsibilities. You can submit your job application online.

Trader Joe’s Glassdoor

Glassdoor contains more than 250 job openings at Trader Joe’s. You can use the website’s search feature and its parameters to narrow down your search. Each job listing contains information such as expected salary, requirements, responsibilities, and other details. You can also read employee reviews on Glassdoor. These reviews will help you make a better decision about your career choices. You can apply online through Glassdoor.

Trader Joe’s Indeed

Indeed lists more than 200 Trader Joe’s jobs. The website has a very powerful search feature that will allow you to apply different filters and search for vacancies based on your preferences. You can also see all the job-related information on Indeed. Besides user reviews, the website also has a Q&A section where you can post your questions and find answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can apply directly on Trader Joe’s website through Indeed.

Trader Joe’s LinkedIn

LinkedIn has less than 100 job vacancies. You can look for specific jobs based on your preferences by using LinkedIn’s search feature. Each job listing offers complete information about the opening. You can submit your application directly to Trader Joe’s website.



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