Taco Bell Employee Benefits Reviews: Are Their Careers Worth It?

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Taco Bell Employee Benefits Reviews: Are Their Careers Worth It?

Taco Bell was founded by Glen Bell in 1962 and it has come a long way since then. It is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc. and is headquartered in Irvine, California. It has more than 7,000 locations. Taco Bell’s employee benefits have earned it the reputation of being an employee-friendly company.

Taco Bell has a worldwide presence. The company sells a variety of foods inspired by Mexican cuisines. Its specialties include burritos, nachos, quesadillas, and of course tacos.

Taco Bell Employee Benefits Team    

     Frank Tucker – Chief People Officer

Frank Tucker – Chief People Officer

Frank Tucker joined the company in 1993 and took his current position as the Chief People Officer in March 2012. Tucker is responsible for almost all HR related roles and oversees the HR management teams for the company.

Taco Bell has franchises around the world and employs around 200,000 people. Tucker manages all aspects of Human Resources, takes care of management development, training and ensures that all employees are provided with a fair working environment.

Frank Tucker received his B.B.A, Finance from California State University.

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What are Taco Bell’s Employee Benefits?

The major employee benefits at Taco Bell include the following:

Employee BenefitsDescription
Health Insurance
Taco Bell offers health insurance to its full-time employees.
Dental coverage
Dental coverage is available for basic dental care.
Vision coverage
Vision coverage is included in the health plan.
401 (K) Plan
Taco Bell offers a match of up to 6%.
Performance Bonus
Employees get regular performance-based bonuses.
Maternity and Paternity Leave
Paid parental leave is given to new parents who are full-time employees.
Vacation and Paid Time Off
Employees can get a minimum of 2 weeks of paid vacation, depending on their period of service.
Flexible Hours
Employees can have flexible working hours.
Mobile Phone Discounts
The company offers its employees a discount of 12% on cell phone service.
Job Training
Taco Bell provides on-site training to its employees to help them settle in. Paid computer training is part of the training program.
Tuition Assistance

Taco Bell has a tuition assistance program for its employees.
Employee DiscountsEmployee discounts are given on company items.

What Employee Benefits is Taco Bell Known for?

To offer a good employee experience Taco Bell offers multiple benefits, which play a major role in not only help in keeping the employee morale high but also ensure employee retention.

Taco Bell’s employee benefits cover areas like health insurance, financial and professional wellbeing of employees. Some of the most well-known employee benefits the company offers are:

  • Health insurance that includes dental and vision coverage.
  • 410(k) plan with a match of up to 6%.
  • Performance-based bonuses.
  • Employee discounts on the company’s products.
  • Tuition Assistance program.
  • Flexible hours.

Taco Bell offers its full-time employees comprehensive healthcare benefits including Dental and Vision coverage. The coverage is based on copay and has high deductibles.

Taco Bell also offers a 401(k) plan with a match up to 6%. This ensures financial stability in the long run. However, in order to qualify for the 401(k) plan, you need to complete a certain period of time and hours at the company. Part-time employees and employees with fewer hours will not be able to get the plan.

Employees that have been working with Taco Bell for a while can qualify for performance bonuses. And as for company discounts, both full-time and part-time employees are eligible for discounts.

Taco Bell offers scholarships via the Taco Bell Foundation. The Taco Bell Foundation supports LIVE MA’S scholarship and helps thousands of people with their education. The company offers scholarships to its employees as well as non-employees. In order to qualify for the scholarship program, you need to be between the ages of 16 to 24 years. On the official website of Taco Bell, you can find details about the Taco Bell Foundation and the LIVE MA’S scholarship. You can apply for the scholarship through the website.

Taco Bell has also partnered up with Guild Education to help employees apply for scholarships and earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

How Does Taco Bell Help with Student Loans?

Taco Bell does not offer its employees help with student loans at this time. However, the company offers tuition assistance through its partnership with Guild Education.

Even though tuition assistance helps employees continue their education, it does not help them with existing student loans. The financial burden of student loans continues to remain a major problem for American college graduates.

Almost all college graduates are looking for ways to repay student loans faster. One of the most reliable methods is to work for employers that have student loan support programs. However, only 4% of companies currently offer this benefit. But the thing is that employers now understand the benefits associated with offering student loan repayment support.  That is why they are ready to implement the benefits program. But the main question is how to do it efficiently.

One of the most reliable solutions is through FutureFuel. It provides both employers and employees with a platform that allows them to set up their accounts. Companies can use these accounts to oversee their student loan programs and make monetary contributions to employees’ student loan debt. While employees can use their FutureFuel accounts to manage their student loans in a more efficient manner.

How do Taco Bell Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Taco Bell provides a decent benefits package, but your eligibility depends on your job type, job level, years of experience and working hours spent at the company. Here is how your benefits are likely to change:

  • Health insurance and the 401(k) plans are available for full-time workers only.
  • Performance bonuses depend on your years of service with the company.
  • The number of paid vacations can be different for full-time and part-time employees.

How Has Taco Bell Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Taco Bell is a competitive fast-food restaurant and a well-known name in the food industry. It has many franchises and chains around the world and hence thousands of employees are associated with it. Taco Bell recognizes the importance of keeping its employees happy by upgrading its benefits package to offer the best coverage. Below are some of the ways in which the Taco Bell benefit package has improved over time:

  • Your benefits will improve with your years of service.
  • The company has added many options to its health insurance plan so that its employees can choose the one that suits them the best.
  • The more hours you spend at the company, the better your bonuses will get.
  • PTO will increase as you spend more time at the company.
  • Tuition assistance has been extended to all Taco Bell employees.

Are Taco Bell Careers Worth it?

Taco Bell has many chains and franchises all across America and worldwide which means there are many opportunities for job seekers around the world. Taco Bell is a known name in the fast-food industry and working for it can provide you with valuable experience. It can increase your market value and open more doors for you in the industry.

Here are some more points that make a Taco Bell careers worth it:

  • Work experience at Taco Bell can open more career options for you in the food industry.
  • Education assistance through the scholarship program can help you pursue your education without giving up your full-time career.
  • The 401(k) plan can provide employees with financial stability after retirement.
  • There is room for growth within the company.
  • PTO can help employees maintain a good work-life balance.

Discover Taco Bell Jobs and Careers

If you are looking for a job opportunity at Taco Bell, then keep checking the following pages for updates:

Taco Bell Careers

The best and obvious place to look for a job at Taco Bell is its official career page. The webpage has all the jobs listed categorically. Pick the category you want and search for all the vacancies available in it. You also have the option to submit your application online.

Taco Bell Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another efficient and reliable platform to look for a job opportunity at Taco Bell. The website has hundreds of job listings, which could take a lot of time to look for the vacancy you want. An easy and faster way to find the right job is to use Glassdoor’s search feature. To make a better decision, you can also see many employee reviews on the website.

Taco Bell Indeed

Another excellent place to search for a job at Taco Bell is Indeed. Like Glassdoor, it also has hundreds of job vacancies. Each job listing has all the necessary details. In addition to employee reviews, you can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the Q&A section of the website.


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