Petco Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

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Petco Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

Petco is a one-stop-shop for pets and was founded in 1965. Headquartered in San Diego, the company is an American retailer that offers all sorts of pet-related services, products, and some pets as well. The company also gives veteran advice to pet owners. Petco employee benefits are comprehensive and a key to keeping employees’ morale high.

Petco has over 1,500 locations across the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico. It has more than 25,000 employees. The company also has a sub-brand by the name of Unleashed. It has 85 locations.

Petco Employee Benefits Team

Michelle Bonfilio – Chief Human Resources Officer

Michelle Bonfilio – Chief Human Resources Officer

In 2018 Michelle Bonfilio took up the position of Petco’s Chief Human Resources Officer. Being a pet parent herself, Bonfilio is passionate about animals and shares the company’s vision. Her job requirements include developing HR strategies. She promotes a progressive and all-inclusive work environment. Michelle Bonfilio comes under the direct command of the company’s CEO, Ron Coughlin.

Bonfilio got her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of California, Davis. Before joining Petco, Bonfilio served as the Chief Human Resource Officer at The Wine Group, LLC. She was also appointed at a senior leadership position in companies like Delta Dental of California, Gap Inc., and Big Heart Pet Brands.

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What are Petco’s Employee Benefits?

Below is an overview of Petco’s employee benefits:

Employee BenefitsDescription
Medical Plan
Petco offers its employees HMO and PPO health plans.
Dental Plan
Petco offers its employees HMO and PPO health plans.
The health plan also covers dental insurance.
Vision Plan
The health plan also covers dental insurance.
Vision coverage is a part of Petco’s health plan.
Paid Time-off
Field managers can get an unlimited number of days off. The holidays are not paid. You can get 9 to 19 paid days off after the first year of employment at Petco.
Cell Services Discounts
Petco gives cell phone service discounts to employees.
Life Insurance
Petco has life insurance at a discounted price for its partners.
Financial Security
Petco offers a 401 (K) savings plan. They offer a match of up to 6% of your salary.

Maternity Leave
You get 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.
Smoking Cessation Program
Petco offers a smoking and tobacco cessation program to help employees quit smoking.
Disability Assistance

Petco offers disability assistance to those who need it.
Training ProgramPetco has training programs for its employees. This program prepares them for their job.
Employee DiscountsEmployees at Petco get 20% to 50% off on products and services.

What Employee Benefits is Petco Known for?

Petco’s employee benefits are affordable and comprehensive. These benefits focus on employees’ financial, personal and professional wellbeing. As a result of its perks, the company keeps employees’ motivation and employees’ morale high.

Some of Petco’s most-talked-about benefits include the following:

  • An affordable medical plan.
  • 401(k) match up to 6% of eligible salary.
  • An unlimited number of days off for field managers.
  • 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.
  • Disability assistance is available.
  • Employee discounts on cellular services.
  • Employee discounts from 20% to 50%.

Petco offers medical coverage that includes vision and dental as well. Employees can choose between an HMO Health Insurance Plan and the PPO Health Insurance Plan. When analyzing PPO vs HMO, the HMO is a bit more affordable. Petco also offers disability coverage to its employees.

As for PTO, Petco offers a generous policy. Employees after completing a year of service can take up to 9 days off if they have worked for 22 hours a week. The number of paid days off also increases up to 19 days. Field managers get unlimited days off. Petco also offers 6 weeks of fully paid paternity leave. Birthing mothers can get 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.

Petco has a decent 401(k) plan. You have to be 21 years or older to qualify for the program. You should also have at least 6 months of service time and 500 hours at Petco. Through this plan, the company offers to cover a 100% match up for 6% of your pay.

Besides these benefits, Petco also offers good EAP. Employees can get 50 minutes of confidential counseling sessions. ComPsych/Guidance Resources provides the counseling session and covers areas like emotional issues, drug or alcohol problems, stress, financial issues or even workplace issues.

These benefits not only increase employee engagement but they also provide a good employee experience.

How Does Petco Help with Student Loans?

Petco does not offer help with student loans at this time. The company does offer tuition assistance. It gives you tuition fees reimbursement for education related to your job.

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How do Petco Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Petco knows the importance of having a higher level of employee engagement. To achieve its targets, the company offers a comprehensive benefits package to its partners. But the nature of these benefits changes with your job type and job level.

Here are a few ways Petco benefits change for different jobs:

  • Benefits can vary depending on the job type and job title.
  • Corporate level employees might get more benefits and a higher salary.
  • The amount of paid leave depends on your years of service.

How Has Petco Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Petco is amongst the top names when it comes to the pet specialty retailer industry. During this time, the company has done its best to keep its benefits package employee-friendly. Here are a few ways that Petco has improved its benefits over time:

  • The amount of leave improves with time.
  • Your salary increases with time.
  • The company has introduced a paternity leave of six paid weeks.
  • Petco has introduced multiple sign-up options for coverage packages.
  • Health plans and other coverages continue to be affordable.

Are Petco Careers Worth it?

Petco calls its employees partners and treats them with respect. The work environment is friendly and has an all-inclusive policy. If you are an animal lover and looking for a comfortable workplace, then working at Petco is what you need.

Below are some more reasons that make Petco careers worth it;

  • Employees at Petco can bring their own pets to work.
  • Petco offers a comprehensive health plan and disability assistance. These help you save a lot of money on medical bills.
  • Petco offers insurance and phone plans to all its employees, helping you out financially.
  • The savings plan can set you up well for retirement.
  • Petco partners get employee discounts on various services and products, reducing your financial burden.

Discover Petco Jobs and Careers.

Here are a few places where you can see all the latest job openings at Petco:

Petco Careers

The official website of Petco contains all the job vacancies. There is a search tool that you can use to narrow down your search. Once you find the job you are interested in, you can click on it to find out all the details. You can apply for the job online through the website.

Petco Glassdoor

Glassdoor has close to 10,000 Petco job vacancies listed on the website. To make your search process easier and quicker, you can use the search bar to filter and narrow down your options. Each job contains general information, like job description, salary, requirements, and location. In addition to the basic information, you can go through employee reviews to find out about their work experience at Petco.

Petco Indeed

Indeed is an excellent place to look for vacancies at Petco. It has thousands of job listings. To save time and make the process easier, you can use the search tool and its filters. Each job has information such as salary, requirements, and qualifications. The website has hundreds of employee reviews and a detailed Q&A section.

Petco LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another platform where you can find all the latest job openings at Petco. The company allows you to search by location or category through its search feature. Each job posting has all the necessary information related to the job. You can apply directly on Petco’s website through LinkedIn.

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