Panera Employee Benefits: Are Their Careers Worth it?

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Panera Employee Benefits: Are Their Careers Worth it?

Panera Bread was founded in 1987. It is an American bakery and cafe chain that has multiple locations in the USA and Canada. It is headquartered in St Louis, Missouri. Panera employee benefits are key to keeping employees happy and employee engagement high.

With LLC, affiliate as well as independent franchises, Panera not only offers work opportunities but also provides room for growth for its employees. You can work at Panera Bread as a baker, restaurant manager, cashier, delivery driver, hourly associate or support center corporate and enjoy the employee benefits accordingly.

Panera Bread is known for its clean food policy. Over the years the company has taken significant steps to bring healthier options to its menu. The company uses fresh ingredients free of artificial colors, preservatives, and sweeteners. Panera has more than 2,000 locations and 50,000 plus employees.

Panera Bread Employee Benefits Team

Anita Vanderveer – Chief People Officer

Anita Vanderveer – Chief People Officer

Anita Vanderveer is the Chief Peoples Officer at Panera Bread. She leads all Human Resources initiatives at Panera Bread and reports directly to the company’s President and CEO, Blaine Hurst.

Anita Vanderveer had previously served at the national headquarters of Sonic as Senior Vice President. She started her professional life 25 years ago at Pizza Hut.

Vanderveer received her Master’s degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Illinois.

Find her on:


What are Panera Bread’s Employee Benefits?

Here is a comprehensive list of Panera Employee Benefits available for employees:

Employee BenefitsDescription
Health Benefits
Panera Bread offers basic healthcare coverage.
Dental Coverage
You get coverage for yearly cleaning and other basic dental services and procedure.
Vision Coverage
Vision coverage is quite decent. You get coverage for contact lenses and glasses.
Paid Time-off
Full-time employees get paid time off. You also get paid holidays and vacation days.
Discount on Food and other Services
Employees can enjoy discounts on various company services. You can also purchase meals at Panera Bread at discounted rates.
Counseling/ Assistance
There are Employee Assistance programs available for all employees. They help you with day-to-day personal and professional challenges.
Competitive Salary
Panera Bread offers competitive pays and occasional bonuses.
Financial Security
Panera Bread has a 401 (K) plan. You get a 100% match up to 3% of your pay. You become eligible for the plan after a year of service at Panera.
Maternity and Paternity LeaveAccording to, Panera Bread does not offer paid maternity leave, but mothers can take unpaid maternity leave for 5 weeks. Paternity leave is 26 weeks.
Flexible Timings
Panera Bread offers flexible to its employees.
Friendly Work EnvironmentAt Panera, Bread employees can enjoy a friendly work environment that offers personal and professional growth. The company believes in equality and inclusivity.
Life Insurance PolicyPanera Bread offers a life insurance program to its employees.

What Employee Benefits is Panera Known for?

Panera Bread believes in a positive work environment. The company tries its best to motivate its employees and consequently have a positive work culture. To meet its objectives, Panera offers a good benefits package. Here are some of the best-known Panera employee benefits:

  • A good healthcare package.
  • Dental and Vision coverage.
  • Competitive salary and bonuses.
  • Up to 12 weeks of maternity leave.
  • Life insurance policy.
  • According to Glassdoor, employees get a 401(k) match up to 3% of their salaries.
  • PTO for full-time employees.
  • Employee discounts.

The healthcare plan provides basic coverage to employees. The plan also includes Dental and Vision coverage. The dental plan covers your annual cleaning and other basic exams and procedure. The vision coverage helps you buy contact lenses and glasses at a reduced price.

As for the company’s PTO policy, Panera Bread offers paid time off including holidays for full-time employees. you have to work for a certain period of time before you become eligible for PTO. Employees can also get paid vacation days off.

As an employee, you can get discounts on various services provided by the company and on meals and other bakery items. You can get discounts of up to 50% on meals.

These benefits help the company provide a good employee experience and maintain a high employee retention rate. Benefits like employee discounts and flexible timings keep employee morale high that can result in better work culture.

How does Panera Help with Student Loans?

Panera Bread does not provide any student loan support to its employees at this time. The bakery does have a Tuition Reimbursement Program for employees who want to take up a course/degree related to their job. Panera covers 25% of the total cost of the program or degree.

There is a huge financial burden on Americans due to student loans, which is why while looking for a job many people seek employers that offer help with paying off student loans. The current total of all college graduates has reached a record-high of $1.5 trillion. That is why job seekers prefer to work for employers that have student loan benefits. In order to attract the best talent, companies that currently do not offer this benefit are planning to do so.

The student loan benefit can be implemented seamlessly through FutureFuel. Both employers and employees can create personalized FutureFuel accounts. Companies can use the account to manage the benefit while employees can use theirs to handle their student loans. Company contributions can also be transferred using these accounts.

How do Panera Employee Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Panera employee benefits can vary with your job designation or location of the franchise you work at.

Here are a few changes in benefits that depend on your job type:

  • Different job levels and titles have a different salary package.
  • Part-time employee benefits are different from full-time employee benefits. The services offered in the plan and its premiums are quite different.
  • The life insurance plan is only offered to employees who have been at Panera for a full year or more.
  • Part-time Panera employees have to complete a certain number of hours before they can receive health benefits.
  • The number of paid days off also increases with your years of service.

Moreover, employees in Canada and even within different U.S. states have different coverage policies and providers.

How Has Panera Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Panera Bread was founded in 1987 and it went through many changes over the years. What started off as a small bakery now has multiple chains all across North America. Panera Bread has more than 2,000 locations and more than 50,000 workers.

Panera Bread has always made an effort to make its benefits package as competitive as possible. The company tries to keep its coverage affordable despite the changing financial conditions. The amount of leave has also improved to offer more work-life balance to employees.

Are Panera Bread Careers Worth It?

There are many job opportunities available at Panera Bread and each position has its own demands, challenges, and benefits. It is a good fit for people who like a challenging and fast-paced work environment. Despite the long hours, there are a few factors that make Panera a good career option in its respective industry. These factors include the following:

  • At Panera Bread, there is a lot of room for personal and professional growth. The bakery gives in-house promotions, which gives you every chance to progress in your career.
  • The company offers multiple benefits like healthcare, paid holidays, life insurance and employee discounts.
  • The work environment is friendly and the working hours can be flexible.
  • Panera Bread offers its employees a 401(k) plan that ensures financial security once they retire.

Panera is a good place to work if you want to have a career in this industry.

Discover Panera Jobs and Careers?

If you are looking for a job opportunity at Panera Bread, then you can visit these websites to find all the available vacancies.

Panera Careers

The official website of Panera Bread has an extensive list of all the job openings available. You can use the search tool to search by job categories and apply for the one that meets your demands. All the job openings also contain complete details. You can apply for the job online through a direct link on the website.

Panera Glassdoor

Glassdoor has more than 31K positions on its website. To save time and make the search process easier you can use search filters to find the jobs in your area. All the listings contain related information like salary, requirements, and job type, etc. To get a better idea of Panera’s work culture, you can read employee reviews left on Glassdoor by former and current employees.

Panera Indeed

Indeed has around 10K Panera jobs listed on the website. You can search for the position you are interested in. Each job has all the necessary information, which will give you a better idea about what is required of you. Indeed also has hundreds of employee reviews. Besides reviews, the Q&A section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about Panera and its work culture.

Panera LinkedIn

Panera Bread has a LinkedIn page that has thousands of job opportunities. You can use the search tool to look for jobs based on your preferences. LinkedIn also allows you to submit your job application directly on the Panera website.


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