Mercer Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

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Mercer Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

Mercer is the largest Human Resources Consulting firm in the world. The company is also the largest investment advisor in the world. It currently has assets worth more than $200 billion. Not only does it offer benefits consultation, but Mercer employee benefits for its own employees also are some of the best in the industry.

Mercer has a presence in around 43 countries. It currently houses more than 23,000 employees. The company’s expertise includes retirement plans, health & wellbeing, outsourcing, investments, communication, acquisitions, mergers, etc.

The company was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in New York City, New York.

Mercer Employee Benefits Team

Marcelo Modica – Chief People Officer

Marcelo Modica – Chief People Officer

Marcelo Modica has been Chief People Officer at Mercer since 2012. His responsibilities include developing talent strategies for the company and implementing them to meet organizational goals.

Modica also manages employee experience, talent management, professional development, employee relations, staffing, and compensation.

Marcelo Modica received his MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and his BA from Siena College.

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What are Mercer’s Employee Benefits?

Some of the major benefits at Mercer include the following:

Employee BenefitsDescription
Health InsuranceThe plan offers multiple options and is based on copays.
Dental CoverageBasic dental coverage is available.
Vision coverageBasic vision coverage is available.
Disability CoverageShort-term and long-term disability coverage is available.
Retirement PlansMercer offers a 401 (k) plan and a match up to 6%.
Paid Time OffUp to 21 days off. Employees also get sick leaves and paid holidays. 5 days of roll over.
Maternity LeaveAccording to, Mercer gives 9 paid weeks of maternity leave.
Pre-tax Spending AccountsEmployees can opt for pretax accounts to pay for expenses such as healthcare and dependent care.
Employee DiscountsEmployees can get discounts on cellular service, entertainment, automobiles, investment plans, insurance, and health clubs, etc.
Commuter BenefitsEmployees get reimbursed for their transportation expenses.
Education BenefitsYou can get coverage for continuing your education through different programs.
Training ProgramsMercer focuses on its employees' career growth and offers many training and certificate programs.
Employee Stock Purchase PlanYou can buy company stocks at reduced prices.
Life InsuranceLife insurance is available.

What Employee Benefits is Mercer Known for?

Mercer’s employee benefits are quite comprehensive and meet all the industry standards. These benefits are key to keeping employee morale high and enhancing employee retention rates.

Here are several well-known employee benefits that you can take advantage of at Mercer:

  • Health insurance including Dental and Vision coverage.
  • 401(k) match up to 6%.
  • PTO up to 21 days.
  • Paid holidays and sick leaves.
  • Employee discounts.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Pre-tax spending accounts.
  • Employee training programs.

Mercer’s health insurance is comprehensive and offers multiple plan options. You also get Dental and Vision coverage. Moreover, you can opt for pre-tax spending accounts to further reduce personal expenses on healthcare.

As for retirement, the company offers different savings plans such as Employee Stock Purchase Plans, 401(k) plan with a match up to 6%, and other retirement investment options. These plans will help you save for your retirement.

As for PTO, the company has a generous policy. Employees not only get 21 days off but paid holidays and sick leaves are also available. Maternity leave is offered separately and according to, it is up to 9 weeks.

Employee discounts are also quite popular at Mercer. You can get discounts on items like automobiles, insurance plans, entertainment such as different tickets, and even cellular service. Mercer also offers health club discounts to promote healthy living. You can also save on transportation through the company’s commuter benefits.

Employees can also benefit from different education assistance programs at Mercer. This allows them to continue their education and broaden their career prospects.

How does Mercer Help with Student Loans?

Mercer offers student loan support programs to its clients, however, there is no information about any student loan repayment program for its employees. The company does offer tuition reimbursement to its employees.

Tuition assistance programs are an excellent way to help employees continue their education, but they do not provide any support with repaying student debt. This is a huge financial problem for employees across the United States. The collective debt of American college graduates has gone over $1.5 trillion, the highest ever. And the biggest problem is that only about 4% of employers currently offer student loan support programs, which is simply not enough.

However, with rising awareness of the benefits associated with the program, for both employers and employees, many companies are thinking of adding student loan repayment to their compensation packages. But the question is how to offer the benefit efficiently?

The best answer is FutureFuel. A new and unique platform that makes both implementation and management of the program easy and simple. Both the company and its employees can have their own accounts through which they can manage the benefits program in their own capacity.

FutureFuel, through encrypted transactions, also allows employees to make their loan payments and employers to make company contributions to employee’s student debt funds. The platform is one of the most efficient ways to pay back student loans faster.

How do Mercer Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Mercer is a global organization, which means the employee benefits it offers vary according to each country’s policies and laws. Moreover, the type of benefits employees can get depend on their job type, seniority level, number of service years, and a few other factors.

Let’s have a look at how your benefits are likely to vary:

  • Health benefits and coverage is different for full-time and part-time employees.
  • The amount of paid leave you get depends on how many years you have been with the company. The more years you spend, the more days you get.
  • Employees who have spent a few years at Mercer get a better 401(k) match than new hires.
  • Benefits also vary with state policies.

How Has Mercer Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Companies that have been around for as long as Mercer, need sound and effective employee retention strategies. Large-sized corporations also need a higher level of employee engagement to keep their operations running smoothly. One of the best ways is to ensure that their benefits package allows employees to keep up with the ever-changing financial and social trends. And that can only be done by regularly updating and improving benefits programs.

Here are a few ways Mercer has improved its benefits package over time:

  • Savings plans offer more as you spend more years with the company. The 401(k) match gets better and other investment options mature too.
  • Benefits like maternity leave have been expanded to offer more to non-birthing parents.
  • Mercer keeps making regular increases in salary and compensation packages.
  • The company, over time, has also added many voluntary benefits to offer more to its employees.

Are Mercer Careers Worth It?

What is a good career option? A place where you not only get a good salary and benefits but also receive training and development. It is a place that goes the extra mile to ensure its employees get every change to acquire and improve new career skills through extensive training and coaching.

From an excellent salary package to comprehensive benefits and training & development programs, Mercer offers all to its employees. The purpose of these training programs is to help employees shape and build their long-term careers. This will help you increase your market value and expertise.

In addition to employee training, Mercer also offers education programs and tuition reimbursements to allow its employees to continue their education and get industry knowledge.

Moreover, besides monetary benefits during employment, Mercer also focuses on its employees’ financial wellbeing after retirement. The company’s retirement plans allow employees to save significantly for their post-employment life.

All these factors make Mercer an excellent career option.

Discover Mercer Jobs and Careers

If you want to work at Mercer, you need to know where to look for the right kind of job. Here are a few websites that will keep you updated:

Mercer Careers

The official careers page of Mercer contains different categories. You can click on each category and find all the related jobs. The page also has other useful information such as details about the company’s culture and employee rewards. Mercer is also considered one of the top workplaces for military veterans and they can also find jobs through Mercer Careers. You can submit your application online.

Mercer Glassdoor

Glassdoor contains about 900 jobs at Mercer. Each listing has all the information including job requirements, skills needed, qualifications needed, expected salary, and location. To save time and make the search process targeted, you can use the website’s search feature. Glassdoor also has many reviews from Mercer employees, which can give you a good idea about how employees are treated at the company.

Mercer Indeed

Indeed has hundreds of vacancies, so you can use the search feature to narrow down your search and save time. Like Glassdoor, Indeed also has employee reviews. In addition to reviews, it has a Q&A page where you can find answers to many of your questions related to careers at Mercer.

Mercer LinkedIn

You can find jobs in different categories on LinkedIn. It’s a well-organized website for job searching and contains all the necessary details about each job. LinkedIn also allows you to apply directly on the Mercer website.


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