Lululemon Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

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Lululemon Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian retailer that sells athletic apparel. The company was founded in 1998 and its headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada. Lululemon employee benefits have made the company one of the best workplaces.

The retailer has expanded internationally and opened up its stores in the United States as well. Lululemon designs, distributes and sells its products through its 460 national and international stores and website.

The company’s product lines include performance shirts, pants, shorts, yoga accessories, and lifestyle apparel.

Lululemon Employee Benefits Team

Mandy Whiting – VP People & Culture

Mandy Whiting – VP People & Culture

Mandy Whiting is a seasoned HR professional who joined Lululemon in 2016 as Interim Head of Global Benefits. She assumed her current position at the company in April 2019.

Whiting is responsible for leading Global Talent Acquisition, P&C Technology, and People Practices. She is known for her ability to build high-performance teams and effectively execute strategic plans.

Mandy Whiting is a Trained Facilitator of ITC at Harvard University.

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What are Lululemon Employee Benefits?

The major Lululemon employee benefits include the following:

Employee BenefitsDescription
Healthcare Plan
Full-time employees get an affordable healthcare plan through Aetna.
Dental Coverage
Dental coverage for preventive care, dental exams, and other basic services.
Vision Coverage
Coverage is for basic eye care and exams.
Maternity Leave
Employees can have 3-6 months of paid maternity leave.
Employee Discounts
60% discount for full-time and 40% for part-time or seasonal employees.
Paid Time Off
PTO starts at 2 weeks off and employees can accrue over time.
Performance Bonuses
Employees get regular performance-based bonuses. Entry-to-mid level employees get 10% while managerial staff gets a 20% bonus.
Savings Plan
401 (k) plan and a Stock Matching Program.
Free Fitness Classes
The company pays for fitness-related activities and offers free fitness classes.
Sweat Benefits

You get paid for working out with the community. Employees get $25 per week twice.
Training and DevelopmentThe company focuses on training its employees which helps them do well in their professional careers.

What Benefits is Lululemon Know for?

According to its employees, Lululemon is one of the best places to work. Lululemon employee benefits not only focus on the basic coverage but also promote physical and personal wellbeing through various fitness reimbursement programs. All these perks and incentives offer an excellent employee experience.

Some of the best-known benefits of Lululemon include the following:

  • Health insurance plan.
  • Paid maternity leave up to 3-6 months.
  • PTO starts at 2 weeks.
  • Employee discounts.
  • Performance bonuses.
  • Sweat benefits.
  • Savings plan

One of the most talked-about benefits is the company’s Sweat program. Lululemon pays its employees $25 per week twice to attend fitness classes with the community. This allows employees to not only engage with their community but also focus on their own physical fitness.

Another excellent benefit is the discounts Lululemon employees get. Full-time employees are eligible for a 60% discount with 75% markdowns reduction. Part-time employees get 40% with 60% markdowns reduction. These discounts are offered on all quality products.

Lululemon employees also get performance-based bonuses, which depend on how well the store does on a monthly basis. Employees also get daily incentives if they meet performance objectives.

Lululemon focuses heavily on the wellbeing of its employees and offers benefits that not only increase employee retention but also keep employees motivated.

How does Lululemon Help Employees with Student Loans?

There is no information available on Lululemon’s student loan repayment program or tuition reimbursement at this time.

Student loan support has become one of the most sought-after benefits by college graduates. The reason is simple, student debt is a massive financial burden that causes financial instability. In order to cope with the debt, many American job seekers prefer to work for employers that help with student loan repayment.

However, not even 5% of companies offer this benefit. But the good news is that many corporations are thinking about implementing student loan support programs.

One of the most efficient ways to implement the benefit is through FutureFuel. The platform offers a comprehensive management system that helps both employers and employees.

It enables companies to set up their accounts and supervise the student loan support program. They can even transfer company contributions to their employee’s student debt funds. This helps employees pay student loans back faster.

How do Lululemon Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Lululemon is one of the best workplaces in the retail industry mainly because of the benefits it offers to its employees. Even though these benefits are offered across the board, but they slightly vary with location, job type, years of service and seniority level.

Here are a few ways how Lululemon benefits are different for different jobs:

  • Health insurance costs and coverage are not the same for full-time and part-time employees.
  • The number of off days depends on an employee’s years of service.
  • Employee discounts are not the same; full-time employees get a 60% discount while part-timers get 40% off.
  • Performance bonus is also different; entry-to-mid level employees get a 10% bonus while managerial staff gets a 20% bonus.
  • Benefits also change with state policies.

How Has Lululemon Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Lululemon Athletica was founded in 1998. Since its inception, the company has kept its focus on creating a work environment that helps its employees thrive both in their professional and personal life. For this purpose, Lululemon keeps upgrading its benefits package. It ensures that its employees can keep up with the changing economic and social conditions.

One of the most recent improvements includes the company’s maternity leave. Not only has the leave been extended up to 3-6 months but it has also become gender-neutral, which means it is available to both parents regardless of their gender.

The company also introduces new incentives to make sure Lululemon maintains and even do better than the industry standards.

Are Lululemon Careers Worth It?

Lululemon is more than just a workplace. It is a platform where employees grow in their personal and professional life. Here are some of the ways the retailer maintains its reputation as an excellent career opportunity:

  • The company offers financial benefits that uplift its employees’ financial situation. You can sign-up for savings plans such as the 401(k) plan and the stock match program. This helps employees save up for their retirement.
  • Employees can maintain a good work-life balance. The PTO policy is very generous and allows employees to focus on their personal life and family.
  • Besides a competitive salary package, Lululemon also gives performance bonuses and employee discounts that help reduce financial burden.
  • Employees also get development training that improves their career prospects in the industry.

Discover Lululemon Jobs and Careers

Here are some of the websites that contain all the available job openings at Lululemon.

Lululemon Careers

The official website features different job categories. You can click on each thumbnail and look for all the related jobs. Each listing also contains all the necessary information. To save time and effort, use the search feature to look for jobs based on your preferences. You can submit your application online.

Lululemon Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an excellent website to look for Lululemon jobs. The platform contains around 3.6k listings each of which has complete job-related details. You can find out things like the job description, requirements, expected salary, locations, and other information. The search feature will save time and make your search easier. You can also read hundreds of employee reviews and see employee ratings, which will enable you to make an informed decision.

Lululemon Indeed

Indeed is another excellent place to look for jobs at Lululemon. The website contains a little under 1000 jobs. You can click on each listing and see all the related information such as requirements, location, job description, and other details. To narrow down your search and save time, use the search tool and its many filters. In addition to employee reviews, you can visit Indeed’s Q&A section to find out more about the company’s work culture and work ethics.

Lululemon LinkedIn

It contains more than 1,500 jobs across all locations. You can also see all the job-related information by clicking on the job you like. The website also has a powerful search feature that can make the search process easier. LinkedIn allows you to submit your application directly on the Lululemon website.


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