Kraft Heinz Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

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Kraft Heinz Employee Benefits Review: Are Their Careers Worth It?

Kraft Heinz was founded in the year 2015 as a result of the merger between Kraft Foods and Heinz. The company is co-headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Kraft Heinz’s employee benefits even after the merger continues to be comprehensive and cost-effective.

In a short period of time, Kraft Heinz managed to become the third-largest food and beverage company in North America. It is also the fifth-largest globally. Kraft Heinz is known for producing delicious, high quality and nutritious foods and is a trusted name all over the world. The company, as of 2018, reported annual sales of $26.2 billion.

Kraft Heinz Employee Benefits Team

Melissa Werneck – Global Chief People Officer

Melissa Werneck – Global Chief People Officer

Melissa Werneck acquired her degree in chemical engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. She also completed her MBA from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. She joined Kraft Heinz in the year 2013 as the Global Chief People Officer and is responsible for taking care of all the company’s global Human Resources functions.

Melissa Werneck previously worked as the Chief People Officer at America Latina Logistica; her experience has been an asset for Kraft Heinz.

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What are Kraft Heinz’s Employee Benefits?

Here is a detailed overview of Kraft Heinz’s employee benefits:

Employee BenefitsDescription
Health Insurance
Extensive health insurance is available. There are multiple plans to choose from.
Dental Coverage
Dental coverage is provided at a reasonable cost.
Vision Coverage
Vision insurance is provided at an affordable cost.
Health Savings Account (HSA)
Employees can get a Health Savings Account. The money that doesn’t get used is rolled over to the next year.
Life Insurance
Kraft Heinz pays basic life insurance 1X the employee’s base salary. You can get additional coverage at an affordable cost.
401K Plan
Kraft Heinz offers an excellent 401K plan with 3% automatic contribution and 4% match if an employee contributed 6%.
Maternity and Paternity Leave
2 to 4 weeks of parental leave is offered depending on the primary or secondary caregiver.
Paid Time Off
Paid time off or paid vacation of 30 days is offered to new employees. You can accrue PTO overtime.
Paid Holidays
Employees get at least 12 paid holidays. They are included in the PTO bundle.
Employee Discounts
Employees get a generous discount on all Kraft Heinz products.
Employees can earn up to $1,500 from the company through integrated welfare opportunities.
Kraft Heinz University Programs
Kraft Heinz offers Trainee and Intern Programs for employees who are fresh graduates and want to own their careers.

What Benefits is Kraft Heinz Known for?

Kraft Heinz’s employee benefits combined with competitive salaries keep employees motivated and ensure employee retention. Offering an employee benefits package that is smart and comprehensive is an effective way of attracting candidates who are efficient and hard working. Some of the best employee benefits at Kraft Heinz include:

  • An affordable and comprehensive health plan.
  • Dental and Vision coverage.
  • PTO starts with 30 days for new hires.
  • 2 to 4 weeks of parental leave.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • Employee discounts.
  • 401(k) plan with a 3% automatic contribution and 4% match.
  • Life insurance.

Kraft Heinz Company knows the importance of good health and offers its employees excellent healthcare benefits through Via Benefits. Health insurance includes Dental and Vision alongside regular medical care. You can also enroll in an HSA. Moreover, the company will also give employees up to $1,500 for their integrated welfare opportunities.

Along with health insurance, the company also provides employees with affordable life insurance and retirement plans. The company pays life insurance 1X employee’s base salary. A 401(k) plan is also available for the employees in which the company automatically contributes 3% and offers a 4% match if the employee pays 6%.

Another significant perk that Kraft Heinz Company offers its employees is the paid time off. Employees can get up to 30 days of paid vacations as soon as they start working for the company. The PTO might go up as your years with the company increase. The company also offers around 12 paid holidays. These holidays are included in the basic PTO.

The Kraft Heinz University Program is highly beneficial for employees who are fresh graduates and want to broaden their horizons. The Trainee and Intern Programs offered by the company can enable the employees to grow in their careers and become leaders in their fields.

How Does Kraft Heinz Help with Student Loans?

Kraft Heinz does not offer help with student loans at this time. The company does offer tuition reimbursement to its employees.

Student loans are amongst the biggest financial problems for people in America. College graduates are collectively facing student loans of $1.5 trillion. To get some sort of financial help, job seekers all across the country seek jobs that offer help with paying student loans.

Considering the importance of student loan benefits, many employers are thinking of adding student loan repayment programs for their employees. However, merely adding the student loan repayment program to the benefits package is not enough; its effective implementation is equally important.

One of the best ways to implement and manage the program is through FutureFuel. It is an efficient platform that enables employers and employees to open up personalized accounts and manage, make loan payments, transfer company contributions and track student loans through these accounts.

How do Kraft Heinz’s Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Most of the Kraft Heinz employee benefits are available for both full-time and part-time employees. However, the benefits change depending on various factors that include the following:

  • Benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, and disability coverage, vary according to country and state policies.
  • The number of paid holidays is not the same across all locations.
  • The number of PTO can vary depending on your years of employment.
  • Your eligibility for benefits depends on the time you have served with Kraft Heinz.

How Has Kraft Heinz Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Kraft Heinz is a trusted food and beverage company that offers a great working environment to all its employees. The Kraft Heinz employee benefits package is one of the reasons behind the company’s impressive employee retention rate. To keep the rate high and attract more talent, Kraft Heinz keeps improving its benefits package from time to time.

Below are some of the benefits that the company has worked on over the years;

  • Kraft Heinz has always offered a good health insurance plan and with time increased the number of plan options available to its employees.
  • As you spend more years in service with Kraft Heinz, your PTO improves which includes paid vacations.
  • The company keeps introducing excellent discounts for its employees.
  • Kraft Heinz extended its discounts to part-time employees as well.

Are Kraft Heinz Careers Worth it?

Kraft Heinz is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest in the world. This has earned the company a formidable reputation as a job provider.

Here are a few reasons why Kraft Heinz careers will increase your market value:

  • Kraft Heinz offers competitive employee benefits which combined with salary and employee discounts play a major role in helping you achieve financial stability.
  • There is immense room for growth. The company offers Kraft Heinz University Programs to help its employees climb up the corporate ladder.
  • You can learn a lot and gain valuable industry knowledge through the company’s trainee or intern programs.
  • The health insurance provided by Kraft Heinz is comprehensive and covers dental and vision issues as well. This will save you tons of money on medical bills.
  • You get a good 401(k) plan and match, which can set you up well for your retirement.
  • The company believes in inclusivity through diversity which makes the working environment-friendly.
  • Working with Kraft Heinz can provide you with valuable experience which can help you in establishing yourself in the market.

Discover Kraft Heinz Jobs and Careers

Here are some of the best platforms you can look into while searching for a job opportunity at Kraft Heinz.

Kraft Heinz Careers

Kraft Heinz’s career page features all job vacancies which are listed categorically. You can also find all the details about each listing. To make your search easier you can look for specific jobs in your area. The website allows you to submit your job application online.

Kraft Heinz Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the best platforms to look for Kraft Heinz career options. The website has multiple job vacancies listed on their Kraft Heinz page. To save time you can narrow down your search using the search bar. All job opportunities also have complete details including requirements, qualifications, expected salary, and location. You can also go through employee reviews to have a better understanding of the work environment and work requirements.

Kraft Heinz Indeed

Indeed has more than 500 job listings. To look for targeted jobs, you can use the search filter. It will save you time and also make the search process easier. Like Glassdoor, Indeed also has employee reviews. The website also offers a very useful Q&A page that will give you all the details about how the company operates and what kind of employee experience it offers.


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