Facebook Employee Benefits Review: Why Facebook Could Be a Great Employment Option

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Facebook Employee Benefits Review: Why Facebook Could Be a Great Employment Option

The popular social media website, Facebook, started in Cambridge, Massachusetts while its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was still in school at Harvard. The company’s headquarters are now in Menlo Park, California. Facebook’s success led the company to become one of the Big Four technology companies that also include Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Facebook is well-known as a social networking service company that allows users to access the platform from devices that can connect to the internet. After users create their profiles, they can write text and post pictures or videos that can be shared with their “friends.” Users can participate in several activities, including interest groups, several apps, and notifications.

As of 2018, Facebook had 35,587 employees. Around 2 billion people are connected through Facebook, but the company’s job isn’t finished yet. It has more than 5 billion people left to connect, and it is going to need people to help it do that. If you are searching for a fantastic career, you can learn about Facebook’s benefits right here.

Facebook Employee Benefits Team

Lori Goler, Vice President of Human Resources and Recruiting

Lori Goler is a graduate of Yale University where she earned her bachelor’s degree. She also graduated from Harvard Business School. Before Lori joined the team at Facebook, she was a member of the team at eBay, but she started her career at The Walt Disney Company.

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What Are Facebook Employee Benefits?

Facebook has created an employee benefits package to rival their competitors and attract talented staff. Here are a few examples of the perks they provide.

Employee BenefitsDescriptions
Health InsuranceEnsuring all employees and their families have healthcare cover.
Wellness ProgramsFacebook will reimburse employees to support all their healthy activities.
Parental LeaveLeave is given to both parents when they have a new child.
Baby CashTo financially help parents with newborns.
Adoption AssistanceHelp cover any costs relating to adoption.
Life InsuranceFacebook offers comprehensive life insurance that will help take care of an employee's family when they pass away.
401(k) PlanFacebook matches 50% of employee contributions up to 7%.
Free MealsFacebook provides all employees with free breakfast, lunch, and dinner on campus.
On-site LaundryFacebook campuses provide on-site laundry services for all employees.
Relocation PackageIf a new employee is required to move for their job, Facebook provide them with a generous relocation reimbursement.
Vacation DaysOn top of regularly earned vacation days, employees are given a 30 day break for every 5 years they work for Facebook.
Job TrainingFacebook understands the importance of training new staff so has a 6 month training program available.
Work From HomeEmployees have the option to work from home if they wish.
Gym MembershipFacebook provides employees with a gym membership to keep them healthy.
On-site ShuttleFacebook provides an on-site shuttle to get around campus.
Company Social EventsFacebook makes an effort to hold various events that all staff can enjoy.

What Employee Benefits Is Facebook Known for?

Facebook is known for offering its employees the greatest benefits. Some of the best are listed below:

  • An affordable and excellent health insurance plan with low copays. It includes Dental and Vision coverage too.
  • Up to 21 vacation days, 11 fully paid holidays, and an unlimited number of sick days.
  • 16 weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave.
  • A 50% 401 (k) match up to 7% of an employee’s salary.
  • Free lunch and snacks for employees.
  • Employee discounts on travel, hotel stay, electronics, restaurants, movie tickets, automobiles, and more.

At Facebook, employees not only get maternity and paternity leave, but they also get monetary support. The company gives every new parent $4,000 for baby expenses. They also receive $3,000 in babysitting funds for an entire year. Parents can opt to take their maternity or paternity leave any time during the baby’s first year, and they will be entitled to four months off.

Free meals are not just free, they are extremely delicious. The food at Facebook is known to be the best in the area. All dietary preferences and restrictions are considered — hamburgers and vegan options are all represented here. On top of that, you can get free meals at any time of the day.

In addition to your medical insurance plan, you can also get on-site medical and dental services. The Facebook campus has a medical clinic and a dental clinic. Employees never have to worry about paying health insurance premiums or copays because Facebook pays them.

Facebook is known for its ads and we all know they cost money. But when you are a Facebook employee, you receive $200 every month for the purpose of purchasing Facebook ads. The employee can even offer this money to family or friends.

How Does Facebook Help with Student Loans?

Facebook does not provide employees with any student loan support at this time. It does, however, offer tuition reimbursement to its employees who wish to continue their education. The program offers tax-free benefits and employees can get up to $5,250 reimbursed each year.

Student loans have become a massive financial problem in America. In June of last year, student loan debt reached $1.52 trillion. This is why employees want to work for companies that offer student loan support programs. But unfortunately, not many do. However, the good news is that employers do understand the importance of offering this as a benefit.

According to the Open Enrollment Readiness Benchmark survey, employers are going to offer student loan assistance more than any other benefit. But to avoid any financial mishaps, organizations will require professional help to make the integration process seamless.

FutureFuel is one company that wants to end the student loan crisis once and for all. It provides an employee benefit that corporations can offer their employees to help them repay their student loans. The benefit is a platform that employees can use to manage their student debts. The platform’s creators were intent upon getting rid of all the tools that are being used currently that aren’t really addressing this problem. Specifically, the platform makes it possible for employees to repay their debts as they develop better strategies for saving and spending their money.

How Do Facebook Employee Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

All the tech firms in Silicon Valley are very good at offering employees employee benefits, but Facebook’s benefits rival all of them. Many of the benefits can be enjoyed right on the Facebook campus by all employees, and they include banking, dry cleaning and the services of a barber. Anyone with a bike may have it repaired or serviced at the bike shop, and they can take advantage of personal training at the Facebook gym. Employees’ gym memberships are subsidized for the year. In addition to that, they can participate in regular ice cream socials.

How Has Facebook Improved Its Benefits Over Time?

Facebook had the typical employee benefits that other companies also offer their employees, but Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have taken this issue to a much higher level.

In 2014, Facebook was leading the way when it came to parental leave. Many more employers are offering paid time off for employees when they become parents, and Facebook gets the credit for making this a more common benefit. Over the years, Facebook has been adding new benefits to its roster, and it is changing the way that other companies approach this subject. Facebook also added a caregiving benefit, fertility benefits, mental health assistance, and bereavement leave.

Mark Zuckerberg is a leader in this area, and he discovers new benefits to offer his employees based upon his own experiences. For example, parental leave became important to him after the birth of his two daughters. He took parental leave after each birth.

Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating officer at Facebook, and she discovered the need for bereavement leave when she lost her husband in 2015. She is also instrumental in encouraging other employers to offer this type of leave.

Mark Zuckerberg encourages his employees to tell him their ideas, and one engineer did just that. He asked about the need to care for a sick family member, and Mr. Zuckerberg answered by creating the caregiving leave policy. Caregiving leave offers Facebook employees up to six weeks of fully paid leave to care for any family member with a life-threatening illness.

Are Facebook Careers Worth It?

According to former and present Facebook employees, Facebook careers are definitely worth it. The benefits and perks that were listed above are just one of the reasons that this is true. Employees also really like the amount of autonomy they have at Facebook. They feel trusted by their management bosses which makes for a positive experience and employee satisfaction.

Some companies have strict hierarchies, and if you don’t enjoy being in an environment like that, you would definitely like being at Facebook. The reason is that hierarchy and Mark Zuckerberg do not mix. Employees lower on the totem pole are not discouraged when they need to bring a difficult topic up or suggest a new way of doing something. Everyone’s opinions are heard and valued.

One important thing that Mark Zuckerberg initiated at Facebook is the “Q & A” in which he and other Facebook leaders invite employees to ask questions of the leadership. Mr. Zuckerberg is in the habit of giving his employees’ company secrets that are currently unknown to the public, and this makes employees feel trusted. Mark Zuckerberg’s willingness to be transparent in front of his employees is another reason that this company is such a great place to work.

Money is not necessarily the most important element to consider when searching for the most appropriate job, but it is high on the list of priorities. If you are a software engineer at Facebook, you can expect to earn $126,780 per year. If you are only looking for an internship, don’t think that this means that you will have to work for free. A software engineering intern will earn $7,080 per month. That’s pretty impressive!

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