Disney Employee Benefits Review: Why Disney Could Be a Great Employment Option

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Disney Employee Benefits Review: Why Disney Could Be a Great Employment Option

Disney, which is also known as The Walt Disney Company, was founded in 1923 with an initial focus on creating animated films. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially and it is now an international entertainment and mass media conglomerate that is a household name. It employs more than 200,000 people worldwide at its theme parks, resorts, movie and TV studios, and more.

Disney operates with divisions like Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disney Parks, and others. Its cultural reach around the world has been profound, and many people aspire to find Disney jobs and to be a part of the magic that this company is known for. Before you apply for a new job, take time to explore Disney’s employee benefits. 

Disney Employee Benefits Team

Jayne Parker – Senior Vice President and Chief HR Officer

Jayne Parker holds an M.B.A. and a Master’s of Instruction Design and Technology from the University of Central Florida. After graduation, she was a design and development consultant with Wilson Learning Corporation. In this position, she produced award-winning seminars and media-based programs.

Parker joined Disney in 1988, and she has progressively advanced within the company. Some of her previous positions at Disney include Vice President of Organization and Professional Development, the Director and Vice President of Organization Improvement, and others. Parker was promoted to her current position in September 2009. Since that time, she has worked hard to transform the culture of the human resources at Disney. This includes improving the use of technology, enhancing talent management and development efforts, improving the benefits and compensation plans, and more.

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Disney Leadership

What Are Disney Employee Benefits?

Disney is all about creating a magical experience for customers and employees alike. Here are a few key perks and benefits they give employees to help achieve that goal.

Employee BenefitsDescription
Employee DiscountAll employees get a discount on Disney products and services throughout the parks.
Health Insurance Disney employees receive a basic health care plan.
On-site Health CenterIn Florida, employees have access to an on-site medical center.
Commuter AssistanceA program that pays employees a small amount of extra money each day if they take advantage of public bus service, carpool with another Disney employee, ride their bike, or walk to work.
Career DevelopmentVarious career development opportunities, such as using online learning tools, internships, workshops, and more.
On-Site ChildcareFlorida employees have access to affordable childcare services operated by the local YMCA.
Wellness ProgramsDisney provides financial compensation for health initiatives.
Theme Park AdmissionFree admission for two to Disney theme parks after their first two weeks on the job.
401(k) PlanGenerous matching contributions for employees' 401(k) plan.
Paid Time OffVacation and personal holidays are accrued based on length of service.
Tuition Assistance100% of tuition paid upfront at Disney Aspire network schools.
Employee Stock Purchase ProgramEmployee stock purchase program is available for staff to help them save for the future.
Dental InsuranceDental coverage for basic checkups and cleaning.
Vision InsuranceBasic vision insurance to cover eye exams and products.

What Employee Benefits Is Disney Known For?

Qualified employees working in full-time and part-time positions at Disney can take advantage of numerous benefits. This includes expected benefits, such as medical, vision, and dental insurance for full-time employees. Additional perks are included in the Disney compensation package as well. These vary based on location as well as by division, and some of these benefits include:

  • An affordable health insurance plan, including Dental & Vision. PPO, HMO & Consumer Choice options are available.
  • The company gives a 401(k) match up to 4% of your salary.
  • Employees get discounts, including free Disney park access, hotel, and cruise discounts.
  • Paid time off includes sick leave and vacation days. The longer you stay with the company, the more days off you get.
  • 12 weeks of fully paid maternity leave.
  • 100% tuition assistance for full-time and part-time employees.

Besides these significant perks, you get other benefits as well. Many of Disney’s employees hold part-time, hourly positions. These positions traditionally do not qualify for retirement plan benefits through major employers, but Disney differentiates itself and promotes inclusion in its workforce by extending its retirement plan benefit to qualified part-time employees.

In select locations, Disney offers a commuter assistance program that pays its employees a small amount of extra money each day if they take advantage of public bus service, carpool with another Disney employee, ride their bike or walk to work. The company offers free bus passes to its employees under this program as well.

Another tremendous benefit of working at Disney is the development training you get. All Disney employees are invited to participate in various career development opportunities, such as using online learning tools. Other development options include internships, career development workshops, and its Career Connection program.

The company also provides on-site childcare, a unique perk for parents. Employees who work at one of the Disney resorts in Central Florida may have access to affordable childcare services operated by the local YMCA.

You can also enroll in Disney’s Wellness Programs. Full-time employees based in the United States and their spouses or partners can participate in a wellness program that provides financial compensation for health. Funds are specifically provided when individuals get a wellness exam, achieve a body mass index of 27 or better, and have healthy blood pressure.

How Does Disney Help with Student Loan Assistance?

Disney does not offer its employees any assistance with their student loans at this time. The company does give them a 100% tuition assistance at Disney Aspire Network Schools. This benefit is for both full-time and part-time employees.

The unfortunate reality is that 70 percent of college graduates are struggling with student loan debt. That is why student loan support is one of the most significant perks job seekers are looking for. But there is only a small percentage of employers that are offering student loan support programs.

Many employers are planning to add the student loan benefit to their existing benefits package. The best way to handle the student loan repayment program is through FutureFuel. This platform lets employees create their personalized accounts and handle their student debt through it. Employers can also create their own protected accounts and make contributions to their employees’ student loans. 

How Do Disney Employee Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

Disney employs a wide range of skilled and unskilled workers on a part-time and full-time basis across its many divisions and subsidiaries. Part-time employees have access to some perks that employees at other companies do not, such as access to a retirement plan, theme park admission, commuter assistance, and exceptional discounts. Full-time Disney employees have access to all company benefits regardless of their position and dependent on their location.

How Has Disney Improved Its Benefits Package Over Time?

Disney has a history that has spanned almost a century and its benefits have evolved dramatically over the years. These changes have been related to the availability of benefits, the size of Disney’s workforce, changing government regulations, and other factors.

Since Jayne Parker has been at the head of Disney’s human resources department, the company has redesigned its retirement program and updated the Career Connection program to promote the upward mobility of employees within the company. It has also improved its talent development program and focused more heavily on its employment initiatives for veterans, Hispanics, and women. The company, through its benefits, has always focused on offering an excellent employee experience

Are Disney Careers Worth It?

Disney has a history of promoting from within. It also actively helps its employees grow and develop professionally. In addition, its employees are paid a competitive wage that is in line with market rates for similar jobs, and its benefits package is robust. With this in mind, taking advantage of Disney careers with long-term growth and advancement in mind could produce a favorable outcome for hardworking individuals.

Discover Disney Jobs and Careers

Are you thinking about looking for Disney jobs that you may be qualified for? Disney provides you with several ways to learn about current part-time and full-time openings at its various locations. These include:

Disney Parks Jobs on ZipRecruiter: Through this link, you can explore part-time and full-time opportunities at theme parks in Florida and in California. These listings are updated regularly, so this page may provide you with the most up-to-date information about openings. You can also sign up to receive email notifications when new job opportunities that meet your search criteria are posted.

Disney Live Entertainment Openings: If you are interested in becoming a Disney cast member, you can explore live entertainment openings and audition opportunities here. This includes openings for live shows at the theme parks as well as on the Disney Cruise Line ships.

Disney Job Opportunities on Indeed.com: Through Indeed.com, you can browse through a lengthy list of Disney job openings in areas across the country and around the world. The website’s filters make it easy for you to narrow down the options based on location, compensation, and more.

Disney’s LinkedIn Listings: LinkedIn also has updated Disney job listings for you to peruse and it offers excellent filtering capabilities as well. Job opportunities are varied and may include positions in television production, construction, customer service, creative arts, and more.

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