Alliant Employee Benefits Review: Why Alliant Could Be a Great Employment Option

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Alliant Employee Benefits Review: Why Alliant Could Be a Great Employment Option

Alliant Credit Union is a financial cooperative that provides financial benefits to qualifying individuals and organizations. One of the major credit unions in the US, Alliant is known for taking care of their members, as well as their own employees who are driven by a great culture, competitive pay, and Alliant employee benefits.

Created in 1935 by several United Airlines employees, Alliant Credit Union currently serves 450,000 people and has over $11 billion in assets. The company generated $287 million in revenue in 2017. Alliant’s current product line consists of basic banking services, savings accounts, investment and insurance options, as well as, loans/mortgages.

Are you looking for a job at Alliant? Continue reading to learn about their benefits packages and more.

Alliant Employee Benefits Team


Lee Schafer, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Lee Schafer joined Alliant in Jan 2003, as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Chief Administrative Officer. He has served in this position for over 16 years. Schafer is responsible for overseeing human capital as well as strategic HR planning.

Before Alliant, he worked at Baxter Healthcare as Director of Human Resources. He has an executive degree from Harvard Business School.

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What are Alliant Employee Benefits?

Alliant is aware that most of their success comes from keeping both their members and employees happy. Here are some of the benefits they put in place to accomplish that.

Employee BenefitDescription
Health Insurance3 high deductible health insurance packages to select from.
Dental InsuranceAffordable dental coverage with Delta Dental, Illinois.
Vision InsuranceFree vision care with EyeMed.
Health Savings Account (HSA)$770 for individual and $1,400 for family coverage (for employees with medical plans)
401(K) Plan80 cents matched on each dollar, for first 5% of pre-tax dollars.
Maternity & Paternity LeaveMaternity and paternity leave (under FMLA) variable on a case-by-case basis.
Paid Time Off21 days of paid time off in the first year.
Reduced or Flexible HoursVariable working hours allowed (different for departments)
Employee DiscountDiscounts on various goods and services.
Work from HomeDepending on business needs and department.
ChildcareBack-Up Care Advantage program offered via Bright Horizons.
Paid Holidays10 paid holidays per year for all employees.
Mobile Phone DiscountsDiscounts on devices and carrier fees.
Company Social EventsVarious social events for employees (different across locations)
Tuition AssistanceYearly amount provided for current students/employees.
Legal AssistanceLegal guidance and advice for employees.

What Benefits is Alliant Known for?


Alliant careers come with all the standard benefits you would expect from a large and expansive credit union. Where they stand out is member, and of course, employee satisfaction. Their employees, (according to Glassdoor reviews) are engaged and satisfied with the company as a whole.

Other than the standard, here are some highlights from the Alliant employee benefits program:

  • A good healthcare insurance plan.
  • 401(k) match up to 5%.
  • Up to 21 days of PTO in the first year of service at Alliant.
  • Employee discounts on mobile phones.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Options to work from home.
  • Dental and Vision coverage.

Benefits in detail:

Employees receive 21 days worth of paid time-off/vacation from day one. There is a requirement for manager approval for some junior-level staff. However, on the whole, employees receive vacation days from the get-go.

Various services, such as massages, are available in most locations to all corporate employees (via appointment) for free. In addition to these services, all employees have access to on-site facilities (recreation, self-care, gym, etc.).

All employees receive a referral bonus for the majority of Alliant products. The bonus percentage varies with the product, and the amount yielded per referral.

Alliant has an employee skill development plan that works to upskill employees into better, higher-paying positions. They do this by training employees on the job and providing them with the tools to become better, more developed workers.

There is a special discount for most Alliant products for current employees. Discounts can vary with employee portfolios for financial services. In addition, the company’s website features discounts for various services and goods for service employees.

Alliant Credit Union was founded to provide financial comfort and security to employees. They have stuck to this ideal when it comes to employee engagement and benefits.

How does Alliant Help with Student Loans?

Currently, Alliant Credit Union does not assist employees with student loan repayment. However, they do have a tuition assistance program for employees who are currently studying (college and degree programs).

Last year, Alliant provided $86,000 is tuition fee reimbursement to existing employees. This amount was dedicated to both employees who were studying during their employment at Alliant and those who had applied for the benefit after graduation.

The student loan situation has developed into a crisis in recent years. As of March 2019, Americans owe a total amount of $1.4 trillion in outstanding student loans. Furthermore, around 34% of adults aged 18-29 say they have some amount of student debt. These include those who incurred student debt both recently and during their natural education cycle.

In addition to the age bracket mentioned above, a large number of professionals are currently repaying student debt along with various other payments. This is not only slowing down professionals and employees’ ability to develop and grow in their careers, but also bringing down the growth potential of their companies.

The companies are also aware of the downside of not offering student loan assistance. That is why more and more employers are planning to include a student debt repayment program in their benefits package soon. One of the best ways to implement the program is through FutureFuel.

It is a platform that allows employees to not only manage their loans through personalized accounts but also pay back student debt faster. Employers can also sign up for their accounts and carry out actions such as company contribution transfers. FutureFuel not only simplifies the implementation process but also makes the benefits program efficient.

How do Alliant Benefits Change for Different Jobs?

In general, Alliant employee benefits don’t change for different jobs. The standard benefits are unified across all the corporate as well as operations departments, and other than some perks that vary across office locations, employees can take advantage of all available perks.

Some benefits do vary in terms of the total amount awarded. This is particularly for financial benefits such as the 401(k) and pension plans. The amount can change depending on seniority and overall tenure. The perks, however, are consistent.

How Has Alliant Improved its Benefits Package Over Time?

Alliant, being a credit union and one of the largest has a responsibility towards both members and employees. They are responsible for securing the finances of their members’ finances (and therefore, their lives), which is only possible if their employees are satisfied with the company.

Alliant has consistently maintained its benefits program to be competitive, productive, and profitable.

Are Alliant Careers Worth It?

When it comes to a job at Alliant, here are a few things you can expect:

  • High approval rating on Glassdoor. Alliant has largely positive reviews on Glassdoor and many other professional review sites.
  • A company culture built around helping people. As a credit union, Alliant’s entire spiel is centered on member and customer success.
  • Extended medical coverage and a great salary. They offer some of the most extensive medical coverage as well as competitive salaries.

All in all, Alliant jobs are worth it for anyone looking to work in a credit union that takes care of everyone under its wing.

Discover Alliant Jobs and Careers

Alliant Careers

The company’s careers page features all the current vacancies at Alliant, for both corporate and operations staff. The website has a drop-down menu where candidates can browse jobs by the department. The listing is regularly updated and contains details such as responsibilities, daily routine and of course, benefits.

Alliant Jobs via LinkedIn

Alliant’s LinkedIn page has a number of job listings, mostly within Illinois. The listings are divided between corporate and direct operations-based positions. Each post also contains the details mentioned on the website (daily routine, responsibilities, etc.). In addition, there are unique details provided such as seniority-level, job merits, ideal qualities, etc.

Alliant Jobs via Glassdoor

The company’s Glassdoor page also has job postings, as well as reviews, salaries, benefits details and a picture gallery for Alliant. Anyone looking for Alliant jobs will find a comprehensive list of career specifics and ample details to make a smart choice.


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