Emplify Review: Will it Improve Your Company Culture?

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Emplify Review: Will it Improve Your Company Culture?

As an employer looking to spice things up at your workplace, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of ‘Emplify.’

That’s a given. After all, Emplify is one of the most popular SaaS platforms that business leaders use to measure employee engagement.

The platform amasses raw data submitted by employees and analyzes it so that employers can act on their findings.

Emplify provides solutions that rely on extensive research in neuroscience and human psychology. In doing so, it helps companies to pinpoint areas in their work culture that are lagging behind so that they can improve them.

Santiago Jaramillo is the CEO and co-founder of Emplify. Along with his team, he has led his business to record an impressive 9.1/10 customer satisfaction score and rave reviews from past and present users.

Still, numbers aren’t everything.

For that reason, many business leaders are unsure as to whether Emplify is the right platform for them.

This is why I’ve created this Emplify Review: to give employers a verdict on this SaaS platform.

Let’s get right into it.

Emplify Review: How It Works

Emplify is a software tool that ultimately serves to produce one result – to increase employee engagement within an organization.

To do so, both the platform’s design and solutions were created with as human an element as possible.

In other words, designers strove to produce a tool that would encourage its users to be as forthcoming and honest in their data submission.

That way, employers would get sound insight from employee feedback which would be instrumental in developing their employee engagement strategy.

Of course, keeping your employees engaged is crucial to the success of your .

The benefits are endless. are a few:

  • Keeps Employers Working For You – A huge benefit of employee engagement is that it boosts your employee retention. According to a study done by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), 55% of firms believe that employee engagement can reduce their employee turnover.
  •  Employees Work Harder – Because employees feel more engaged, they are more productive at work. This has the benefit of increasing your ‘s overall productivity levels.
  • Reduce Workplace Absenteeism – Oftentimes, employees don’t show up to work because they don’t feel happy with their job. Absenteeism presents a cost to an organization as it affects its productivity in a negative way. Workers who are engaged are less likely to skip a day at work, meaning that you can save money in the long run.

Emplify: Solutions

As I mentioned before, Emplify aims to provide you with the relevant data so that you can make informed people decisions and improve your ‘s employee engagement.

Below, I’m going to explain what this SaaS platform promises to do along with the features that allow it to do so:

  • Record Precise Relevant Data – One of Emplify’s main features is its ability to retrieve and record information from your employees. It achieves this by administering questionnaires that have been psychometrically approved. This ensures that the type of questioning is appropriate enough to maximize the accuracy of your employees’ responses. What’s more, the platform issues questionnaires every 90 days that allow you to measure how employees feel about the actions you’ve implemented.
  • Employee Engagement Measurer – What sets Emplify apart from its competitors is its ability to provide insight into employee engagement. Other platforms give you a sense of what your employee satisfaction levels are. This is different from employee engagement which is far more complex. The platform taps into close to 20 drivers of employee engagement and quantifies them for you.
  • Visualize and Organize Data – Emplify features intelligent heatmaps that let you organize employee engagement by variables such as department, manager, and even location.
  • Dig Deeper Into Employee Issues – Featuring Emplify SmartPulse™ technology, employers get to factor in open-ended add-on questions that add value to the results from your ‘s surveys. These questions are tailored to set groups within your that let you get better insight into the workplace culture.

Emplify: Resources

Apart from their services, Emplify also has additional services that its users can utilize. They are as follows:

  • Guides & Webinars – From their website, you can access and download free guides and webinars that teach you the latest on building culture in the workplace, among other things.
  • Blogs – Similar to their guides and webinars, Emplify makes regular blog posts that update users on cutting edge trends in employee engagement, including strategies and tips. Users can filter these blog posts based on how they rank. In other words, Emplify features an option that allows you to access the top 10 blogs with just one click.
  • Podcasts – As an Emplify user, you get to access their podcasts on several business topics. These podcasts are held regularly and serve to educate listeners on successful business culture from top professionals in the field. The great thing is that you can tune into a podcast from both your mobile phone and your desktop.
  • Agile Engagement Book – Being a part of the Emplify community comes with its perks. One such perk lays with their ebook called the ‘Agile Engagement Book’. Santiago Jaramillo, the ‘s CEO, and Todd Richardson, executive and founder of Cadence Consulting, penned the book. The book serves to provide a blueprint for success by way of employee engagement. As an Emplify member, you get the first chapter of the book for free.

These resources serve to compliment the employee engagement services that Emplify offers.

Emplify Review: Pros and Cons

Now, we’re going to turn our attention to what customers have said about Emplify.

The pros:

  • Coaching – A coordinator within a highlighted the platform’s coaching services as something which aided him greatly. He explained that he made sound managerial decisions in his all thanks to Emplify’s coaching which nudged him in the right direction.
  • Insightful Tools – Another user made mention that her favorite thing about Emplify is that it points its users to the real issues affecting their . In other words, the platform digs deep to let employers know the changes that they should make to better their work culture.
  • Produces Actionable Results – Reviewers also praised the survey’s format and questioning. They explained that because of the way the surveys are structured, they experienced an increase in employee response rates. They also believed that the results from these surveys allowed them to faster pinpoint weak employee engagement areas and improve them.

The cons:

  • More Customization For Open-Ended Questions – One reviewer lamented on the limitations that users had to customize open-ended questions in surveys.
  • Employee Risk – A reviewer pointed out that because the platform organizes data based on departments and heads of departments, some managers may feel attacked by survey results. This may occur if a department records poor employee engagement. In such a case, a manager may feel that he or she is the one responsible for it. While this isn’t a true con, it’s important to note the potential problems that the may bring among managers.
  • Too Many Tools – For some, Emplify has so many tools that it takes a while for users to get a firm grasp of how each one works.

Sealing The Deal

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Emplify: Verdict

This Emplify review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t give my verdict on the platform. it is:

Emplify is one of the best tools out there to boost your employee engagement. There are no two ways about it.

What differentiates it from other competing software tools is the sheer abundance of services that the offers.

While some users found it to be overwhelming, for me, I can only see the add-ons as being beneficial to a .

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