Checkr Review: Will it Improve Your Company Culture?

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Checkr Review: Will it Improve Your Company Culture?

culture isn’t all about employee perks and benefits, it’s about the values and vision that makes each business unique. Many managers and business owners are talking about Checkr, but can it improve your ’s culture? Our Checkr Review aims to answer this very question. 

What is Checkr

Cofounded by Daniel Yanisse and Jonathan Perichon, Checkr is a San Francisco based technology specializing in background checks. Checkr claims they help companies by improving the way they hire employees, with an emphasis on streamlining onboarding processes to promote fair practices. 

The companies main selling point is its use of Artificial Intelligence to improve the effectiveness of background checks. By combining a mix of machine learning and their own expertise, Checkr background checks remove bias from the hiring process and connect employers to a diverse pool of talent. 

Some of Checkr’s main customers include Uber, Lyft, and Instacart.

Fair Hiring 

By lowering the barrier and not the bar, Checkr can help companies find talented employees they wouldn’t have access to with other background checking tools. Around one in three Americans have a criminal record of some sort, but most background checks for employment verifications don’t factor in age and if the crime was violent. 

Companies in the United States often lose access to talented individuals, because as soon as they fail a background check, they become unhirable. However, Checkr’s unique way of judging an employee’s suitability to the instead of basing the check on past incidents could improve diversity in the workplace, increase employee engagement levels and offer a second chance to those who deserve it.

Checkr Review: The Key Features 

So we know the basics of what Checkr’s mission is, but is it worth it? Let’s review each of the features so you can decide whether Checkr can improve your culture. 

Streamlined Adjudication Processes

Adjudication is where a business looks at the evidence provided to them to decide, and it’s a vital aspect of the hiring process. Checkr streamlines adjudication processes so teams spend less time going through the background check process. 

Companies can choose which charges apply to the job role, so they can ignore the ones that don’t matter to them. For example, a financial might want to exclude people with fraud charges but don’t about their driving records. By using Checkr’s streamlining tool they’ll spend less time on background screening and make it valuable by only seeing what matters to them. 

Adverse Actions 

When a potential employee fails a background check, managers must take adverse action to halt the hiring process. Checkr has built-in compliance safeguards, including a step-by-step guide to filing adverse actions and dealing with disputes. 

Analytics & Insights 

Each can review generated reports that map their hiring trends so they can adjust the screening process to find the talent they want to attract. You can also improve the onboarding experience for your employees by reviewing the time to complete the screening process. 

Diverse Range of Screenings 

The software also offers a diverse range of screenings, sSet featured imageo you can choose which apply to your companies needs. These include: 

SSN & Address History 

Most companies run these checks to ensure the employee is eligible to work in the country and can prove they’ve lived there for several years. This feature helps with identity verification. 

Criminal Records Check 

There are county and national criminal records checks, which give you insights into the potential employee’s background, including minor felonies and more serious crimes. Checkr enables you to see whether a person is on the sex offender registry or the global watchlist.

Checkr also has a drug check, to ensure your candidates are free of any drugs or highlight past issues with substance misuse. 

Driver Check 

If you’re hiring for a driving role, then you need to be sure your employees are trustworthy. Driver checks verify a candidate’s license and highlight any driving offenses. 

Verification Checks 

You want to know your candidates’ work history right? Verification checks from Checkr confirm the last three employers and gather references. For professional roles, you can also verify a candidate’s degree and their educational background. 

Credit Checks

Credit checks enable you to see whether your candidates are in debt, subject to any collections and evaluate whether each person is financially responsible. However, we feel it’s important to mention here that debt shouldn’t put you off hiring an employee, especially if their main debts relate to student loans. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that Millenials are the biggest age group to face debts from their student loans, and many struggle to maintain monthly payments. They’re not yet savvy on how to establish credit. Employers recognize that by using specialist programs from companies like FutureFuel, they can help their talented young workforce get on top of their student debts and focus on building a career. Our helpful student loan benefit paying guide can help you support your employees with their debt.

The Advantages of Checkr

We’ve seen what Checkr can do, but is it worth it? The general opinion is yes, but as with many software packages, there are some flaws. Let’s look at where Checkr excels first. 

Ease of Use 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Checkr is how easy it is for anyone to use. The platform is designed for quick access and it integrates well with HRIS and AST systems. While some background check tools generate reports that are difficult to read, Checkr’s background check technology focuses on the need-to-knows, which makes it easier for hiring managers to understand the information. Being a recent development, Checkr has a modern feel, and its intuitive layout is ideal for busy hiring managers. 

Advanced Features 

Checkr’s main selling points is their advanced features, which go beyond the usual background checking tools. Large staffing firms with multiple hiring needs can streamline their processes to ensure they stay within cost limits. The program’s feature enables you to stay in control of your operations and set a Geo, which is a physical location for a cost center. 

The Positive Adjudication Matric (PAM) helps managers to understand what an employee’s offense was and removes any ambiguity around how previous crimes were registered. Some States record information differently, so the severity of a previous offense could be both under or overstated. 

Integration Abilities 

There are many companies that struggle with adding new software to their existing systems, but Checkr has a range of Integration abilities to make the process easier. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the team’s expertise, and many customers comment on how they work with each to fit their needs. 

Disadvantages of Checkr 

We all know that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is and we can’t deny that Checkr has some issues. 


There seems to be some ambiguity on the levels of customer support Chekr offers. While some customers rate them highly, others have issues with the response times of the support team. This shows that Checkr seems to struggle to offer a consistent , which might be due to varying support needs from their clients. 

We can’t confirm whether Checkr offers great customer support, but their response times seem to be the main issue with businesses. 

Can Be Invasive 

While Checkr is a fantastic tool for businesses, potential candidates find it can be invasive. The software claims to provide an extensive check for hiring managers, but there are some reports that it has gone back 15 years into a candidate’s history, as opposed to the normal seven years. 

Response Times 

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of Checkr is how long it takes to receive a batch of background checks. Some customers complain they have to wait a long time, but others say they appreciated a speedy response. 

Checkr Review: Is it Worth It? 

Looking at what Checkr offers, you get a lot of value for money and the overall response to the platform is positive. Yes, there are some disadvantages, but nothing is perfect! If you’re looking for a bespoke screening tool, and want to diversify your workforce, then it’s worth trying Checkr

The biggest benefit to companies is they can attract and onboard talent that they’d miss with other background checks. Combined with a strong employee appreciation strategy, we believe that Checkr can help create a culture that focuses on diversity, fairness and focuses on a candidate’s talents rather than small past mistakes, we’d recommend Checkr