Alight Solutions Review: Will It Help Your Company?

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Alight Solutions Review: Will It Help Your Company?

Handling health insurance, compliance, and financial management are aspects every needs to deal with. This can be time-consuming, not to mention confusing. The good news is that there are companies dedicated to helping other organizations manage all of these aspects in an efficient way, and one of them is Alight Solutions.

There are companies that focus on providing employers platforms to offer special employee benefits, such as FutureFuel and its platform to helps employees save thousands of dollars by refinancing their student debt. Other companies, such as Alight, focus on providing companies with financial solutions.

Alight Solutions is an American that provides human capital solutions to more than 3000 companies around the world. The type of offered by Alight can help you boost employee experience at your .

Let’s dive into what they offer and take a look at their reputation, so you can decide whether it’s worth it to hire their services or not.

What is Alight Solutions?

Alight is an American — branch of AON Hewitt– based in Illinois. The offers small, -sized, and large companies human capital solutions.

alight solutions

Alight helps its clients navigate through health, wealth, finances, and HR, combining data-driven and consumer-centered technology. Moreover, Alight operates 28 global centers to help more than 23 million people simplify work and life.

Among the solutions you can get from Alight are:

  • Health solutions
  • Wealth solutions
  • HCM solutions
  • Financial management solutions

The organization has been operating for over 25 years and in 2017 it earned 2.3 billion dollars in revenue. The currently serves over 3000 companies of all sizes, including 50% of the fortune 500.

There’s no doubt that these numbers are impressive, but is Alight Solutions what your needs? To answer this question with confidence, you need to take a look at the bigger picture.

You also need to understand exactly what are your ‘s needs. Going over what other organizations have to say about Alight is also a great idea if you want to ensure you’re hiring an excellent .

Let’s by taking a look at the services the offers:

Alight Solutions Services

Let’s explore in more details the four solutions that Alight offers:

1. Health Solutions

Health Benefits Administration

This solution is dedicated to helping employees optimize their benefits.

Alight takes the time to understand each employee’s needs and helps them make health decisions — from the moment they enroll and throughout the whole year.

Compass Healthcare Navigation Solutions

This solution offers guidance to employees who need medical services. Employees receive assistance to select the right health plan, to coordinate care, to understand health benefits, to schedule appointments, and more.

Moreover, employees can find lower-cost alternatives for prescriptions, compare costs for procedures and care, and have 24/7 access to support tools.

Reimbursement Accounts

Alight offers single sign-on customer care service integration with your current benefits administration software and enrollment tools.

Moreover, the offers analytics tools and dashboards that allow employers to see how employees are using their Smart-Choice Accounts.

Dependent Verification Services

This feature ensures that employees choose only eligible dependents to be covered by your ‘s health-sponsor plans. This way, you will avoid losing thousands of dollars covering non-eligible dependents.


Alight’s highly-specialized experts will explain to you technical topics thoroughly to make sure you stay compliant with regulations and laws.


This is designed to meet customer’s expectations by making it easier for employees to have access to information and guidance regarding performance management in a mobile, social, and on-demand world. Also, it provides tools for viewing compensation, reviewing benefits, requesting time off, and more.

2. Wealth Solutions

Defined Contribution Administration

Alight offers help to focus on the needs of your business and employees by helping you understand the cost and risk involved in managing your defined contribution plan.

The offers data-driven solutions plus deep industry expertise to help employers make the best decisions regarding contribution plans.

Defined Benefit Administration

This offers industry-leading expertise and support services to help your employees make retirement and pension plans decisions.

Managed Accounts and Advisory

With this service, employees are able to access the knowledge, tools, and support that they need to reach their financial goals. Its personalized approach allows employees to make good decisions to improve their finances.

Self-directed Brokerage Window

This solution gives employees a self-directed brokerage window to offer them more control over their retirement planning.

3. HCM Solutions

HCM Cloud Advisory

Alight provides its SaaS clients with cloud expertise and technical knowledge. Their cloud services include:

  • Cloud system fit-gap analysis
  • Deployment readiness assessments
  • Target operating-model design
  • Stabilization and testing services
  • Change management programs
  • Optimization assessments

HCM Cloud Deployment

This service helps with your SaaS deployment through detailed pre-building planning.

Deployment services include:

  • Data conversion
  • Process configuration
  • Integration development
  • Change management
  • Testing
  • Enablement packages for post-go-live success

HCM Application Management Services (AMS)

Alight’s AMS team can help you operate your SaaS at peak performance with their modular offerings and operational consulting to fit your ‘s needs.

AMS services include:

  • Integration assessments
  • Release management
  • Integration management
  • Configuration support and consultation
  • New feature and functionality enablement
  • Business initiative support
  • Strategic road-mapping consultation and support
  • Reports, insights, and analytics

Cloud HCM and Payroll Administration

Once your project is released, Alight’s expert team can help with functional support to make sure your operations run smoothly and your outcomes are successful.

Post-deployment services include:

  • portal
  • Customer
  • Project-based application management
  • Comprehensive application management
  • Payroll
  • Data corrections and mass loads
  • Compensation, benefit, and talent annual cycles

4. Financial Management Solutions

Alight’s team of experts specializes in finance, accounting, and financial management to provide your organization with end-to-end financial system integration support, pre-project readiness, and financial system deployment.

This includes:

  • Financial Advisory
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Financial Application Management Services

Alight Solutions Customer Reviews

Before you decide to hire Alight’s services, you must know that this Illinois-based does not have a good reputation among customers online.

One of the most recurrent complaints about Alight solutions is that the takes too long to reimburse legitimate claims. According to some customer reviews, the ‘s processes regarding reimbursing claims are slow and evasive.

Another complaint was that the does not have an email address to solve customers’ problems and provide general support. According to some users, the only way you can communicate with them is via fax or mail.

Other reviews mention different problems that Alight did not solve properly, such as refunds, lack of notifications, and poor management solutions.

Is Alight The Right Option For You?

The answer to this question lies in your ‘s needs. If you need human capital solutions, Alight seems to have a solid platform to help you with every detail regarding health insurance, financial management, and wealth solutions.

Yet it is true that the does not have the best reputation, it continues to grow and provide services for thousands of companies worldwide. The only way to really know if they offer high-quality services is by trying it yourself.

Best of luck!