Our Mission

FutureFuel.io exists to CRUSH student debt. We know student debt is hard. We make it easier.

Our values

We are a daring, inclusive people with strong integrity that drives us to act. Our empathy is a defining characteristic that aids us in anticipating the needs of those we serve. Through constant collaboration and flexibility, we are ready to face an ever-changing world with humility. We embody desenrascanço (the Portuguese word for MacGyverism) and strive to do good and be better every single day.


Pronounced "dez-zen-ras-can-so" We practice the art of finding a solution to a problem out of left field (Portuguese MacGyverism if you will) and we approach each day with a sense of urgency to make an impact. Our resourcefulness and grit keeps our eyes on the horizon. With vision, we blaze a path forward that others could not see. Our team acts with poise when making decisions quickly. We couple deliberate action with efficient processes to ensure we are delivering at a speed that will not only cross the finish line first, but also race ahead to set a new, higher bar.


We put the needs of our users above the bottom line. We treat each user with compassion and understanding throughout the entire customer journey. We value deep diversity and continuously strive for more than just representation.


We are fully remote, but never distant. Constant collaboration and agility keep us nimble while building a team and company that is equipped to respond to the demands of an ever-changing world.


We are here to serve our users, our customers, and our shareholders. We work hard to make freedom from student debt a reality. We believe in “no and low egos” to get the job done. We are truthful and honest in both our professional work and our personal lives. When faced with difficult decisions, we do the right thing, even in the face of adversity. We strive for constant self-awareness and own both our successes and our failures.

The Team

Committed to crushing student debt and delighting our customers.

Ana Avila

Sales Development Representative

Eric Brickman

Chief Operating Officer

Amy Campbell

Head of Service Delivery

Mike Dao

Frontend Engineer

Christopher De Arcangelis

SVP of Engineering

Maria DiMaggio

VP of Operations

Eric Edgerton

Senior Frontend Engineer

Nick Ferdon

VP of Sales

Rúben Gomes

Backend Developer

Scott Iwamoto

Compliance Lead

Brianna Jones

Software Engineer

Jordan Klein

Enterprise Account Executive

Paul Kovarsky

Head of Partnerships

Zainab Lateefi

Product Manager

Benjamin Levine

Chief of Staff & Head of Data Science

Nuno Leong

Senior Software Engineer

Michaela Noé

Head of Workplace Solutions

Sam Martin

Data Analyst

Kevin Morris

Senior Software Engineer

Sam Murphy

Customer Success Manager

Sergio Moreira

Senior UX/UI Designer

Meera Oliva

Chief Marketing Officer

Anthony Piris

Senior Software Engineer

Tiago Raposeira

Senior Software Engineer

Mark Rose

VP of Product

Steve Saracino

Director of Strategic Partnerships

David Sauro

DevOps Lead

Cecilia Schiebel

Frontend Engineer

James Sheridan

Head Student Debt Coach

Vinicius Siqueira

Senior Software Engineer

Tiago Silva

Head of Engineering

Kevin Solan

Product Marketing Manager

Rodrigo Souza

Tech Team Lead

Frank Steinberg

Software Engineer

Sheetal Suchde

Marketing Designer

Laurel Taylor

Founder & CEO

Lydia Ward

Marketing Manager

Karlin Wong

Product Manager

Sarah Biller

Senior Advisor

Michael Westover

Senior Advisor


Chief Technical Terrier

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