We exist to CRUSH student debt in the workplace and beyond.

FutureFuel.io’s student debt toolbox empowers you, your customers, employees, and partners to crush student debt in your own native experience, or ours.

Your experience. Your users.
Our student debt toolbox.

Student debt is personal, and so are your product vision and user experience. Our platform is configured to meet your every need, from a standalone solution to a fully integrated experience.

Ready to scale with your business and technology.


No internal resources,
high user demand

Get to market in a single day with our co-branded, configured experience.


Limited resources,
no extra sign ups.

SSO from your application to ours, so you’re always the destination


Some development required, keep the user on your app.

Easy to drop in widgets and embedded modules give you full flexibility on where student debt is crushed within your own native experience.


Dedicated resources,
fully-integrated experiences.

Build off of our API to fully design your debt-crushing experience.

From crafting an intuitive user experience, to facilitating secure payments to student loan servicers, we do it all.

Millions of Users.
Hundreds of Ways to Crush Debt.
One Platform.

FutureFuel.io: The most comprehensive suite of debt-crushing tools, engaging and delighting your users, while driving the core of your business forward without distraction.

Offer student loan repayment in a snap Make a retirement match based on student debt paydown Streamline the Public Loan Forgiveness
Send payments directly to all student loan servicers
Check every Federal repayment program for savings Automated switching plans to save on average $326 per month Explore loan forgiveness options Refinance Manage your loans in one spot Earn cash back from everyday purchase to crush debt Sweep spare change in debt Empower employees to crush the student debt of a loved one

We do all of the heavy lifting for you. We empower users to engage in a matter of minutes, facilitating payments to student loan servicers to CRUSH some serious student debt!

FutureFuel.io helps you:

Differentiate your product offering within a highly competitive landscape

Drive deep engagement with your customers

Realize revenue via a lift in adoption on your core product offerings

Free up cash flow for the users you serve

We’re devoted to anticipating and serving the needs of our partners.

No matter who you serve, we’re the best partner to help your customers CRUSH the most debt.


No size company is too small or too large to leverage student debt benefits

Financial Wellness Providers

The best financial wellness programs feature student debt relief


Prepare for the Secure Act 2.0 and integrate matching contributions for employees paying down debt


Build a robust offering with FutureFuel.io’s functionality


Provide an automated Public Service Loan Forgiveness program for your eligible employees

Financial Institutions

Free up cash flow, increasing financial health and wellness